New Moon in Capricorn: Striving Forward

New Moon in Capricorn BELatina Latinx
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The first New Moon of the year rides in on the powerful back of mountain-climbing Capricorn on January 2, giving us a boost of solid support and energy to achieve even the loftiest of New Year resolutions

Beginning the year with the Capricorn goat’s stamina gives us the power to start with an energetic reset and a recharged and disciplined focus. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived yet another very challenging year, both personally and collectively. Bask in that confidence, resilience, and pride — it was not easy at all! Even with our successes, gains, and breakthroughs, most of us were touched by loss, illness, worry, and the general anxiety of the pandemic.

The chaos and transformation that has moved through our lives since 2020 is still making waves, and it will continue to take time to fully integrate the shifts within our mind, body, and spirit. The great news is that we’ve pushed through and learned more than we could’ve imagined! 

“This New Moon sets us up to thrive in 2022”

Time to move forward 

New moons initiate new lunar cycles every 29.5 days and symbolize a time for planting new seeds, new beginnings, and setting intentions that will manifest in two weeks to six months. The first lunar cycle of 2022 begins with Capricorn and its passion for structure, goal-setting, resourcefulness, and responsibility. During this new moon, it’s important to start something new inspired by these Capricornian themes and represent the goals and aspirations you have for your future.  

To get a better feel for what’s in store, let’s look back at the significant planetary shifts we witnessed this December! Venus went retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th — an astrological transit that lasts through January 29th. This energy asks us to get serious about our values. It has us going deeper to explore love patterns, our love relationships, releasing romantic drama, and clarifying our values. 

If there’s a pattern of over-looking red flags because our partners are “tan cute,” financially loaded, or love bombing us — it’s time to review our own part in this dance. It takes two to tango, and if you want the love you truly feel you deserve in 2022, it’s time to work on your self-love, boundaries, and communication in love relationships. 

Time to shine

Things may come together in unexpected ways during this lunation. Uranus, the visionary and rebel of the planets, is in a supportive angle and shining some lovely mojo on this New Moon! 

This energy guides you to be authentically yourself and shine in your uniqueness-without apologies. It also brings sudden changes, bursts of intuition, or creativity. 

Uranus rules individuality, sudden change, technology, visionaries, and creatives, so pay attention to your downloads and inner knowledge of this New Moon as it may guide you forth in powerful ways! 

Jupiter (Expansion) enters Pisces (spirituality, fantasy) a few days before the New Moon and stays in dreamy Pisces until May 2022. This loving, gentle energy invites us to dream, connect to spirit and have faith. 

Be mindful of your inner guidance and any feelings, nudges, or gut sensations that let you know something is off or wrong, as this combo also shows us where we can lie to ourselves and fly off in our own fantasies! It’s a time for grounded dreaming, not false illusions, so commit to your honest assessment of opportunities and relationships that come your way.

This ambitious and inspirational new moon energy will be positive for all signs, giving extra special support to Capricorn (a given!), Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Here are some ways to make the most of this New Moon.

Create a Vision You Can Strive For!

Vision boards are a visual representation of our dreams, aspirations and support us with goal setting. They are often made on cardboard and then placed in frames to hang in a visible place to evoke and remind you of your vision and your desires. Some folks make vision boards on Canva or Photoshop these days. Whatever works best for you. I started with vision boards several decades ago and have not been disappointed!

Gather magazines, glue, scissors, a frame where you can pull out the back and use that cardboard as a foundation or open a document to begin to design. Before you start, find a quiet moment, light a (white or purple) candle, breathe deeply and imagine 2021 in fast-word motion. View your year like a film with highlights and low points. Breathe in gratitude and exhale what isn’t needed. 

Take another breath and call in your well Ancestors, intuition and Angels ask that you be guided to what is truly in alignment for you! Take time before you begin cutting out photos or gathering them digitally to explore this new year with the questions below.

  • What was my greatest lesson of 2021? 
  •  If age, time, health, and money were not an issue, how do I want to feel in 2022? What do I want to experience in my heart and my life?
  • What am I stepping into this year? Pay attention to the words and energy that come forward! They will help you choose images.
  •  What words and images describe what I want to live, attain and experience in 2022?
  •  Are you feeling a theme, color, word, or tone for 2022? 

Take some time to write down intuitive guidance, words, and images that come forward, then begin to cut them out or find them online. If doing it manually, place the pictures and words you cut out on the foundation first to figure out how to glue them. Then go ahead and glue. Once dry, you can fit into the frame and hang your vision within view! If it’s digital, you can also print it and frame it if you want. Create your vision board with the energy of this exploration and your inner guidance!

Some affirmations for 2022:

  • I give thanks for all I experienced in 2021, for it has prepared me to thrive in 2022.
  • I am ready to be authentically myself and only myself in 2022!
  • I know that the more authentic I am, the more I magnetize what is truly for me. 
  • I am ready for the 2022 up-leveled version of myself, my work, relationships, and life.  

We’ve got a few weeks before the planet Mercury, the messenger, goes retrograde, so take advantage and till the soil and place the seeds of your new vision now. The Universe is conspiring towards your success, so believe it and stay grounded, focused, and inspired! As my Mami always said, “How we finish the year is how we start it!” 

¡Termina y empiézalo bien!