Is Afro-Latina Star Cardi B Pregnant Again? Fans Speculate After BET Experience Performance 

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Credit: Anthony Kane, CC BY-SA 3.0

Following her performance at the 2024 BET Experience event in Los Angeles, Cardi B has once again become the subject of pregnancy rumors. On Saturday, June 29, a lot of people took to social media to speculate how the Bronx rapper might be expecting her third child. 

During her performance, Cardi B wore a loose-fitting jersey, which fueled the speculations. Several fan-captured videos are circulating where people claim that they can see a small bump, but it seems very subtle.  Although the Grammy-winning artist has not announced any baby news, she’s already received many congratulations and well-wishes. 


Cardi B performs “Bongos” at the 2024 BET Experience. 🔥🔥 #cardib#cardi#fyp#foryou#viral

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However, not everyone was pleased with the unconfirmed reports, as some fans expressed disappointment over the baseless speculation. Many people are upset at the fact that this would be her third child with Offset – and it has been proven that he’s allegedly cheated on her on multiple occasions. Others note that Cardi usually gets pregnant after these allegations come to light, which plays at her self-respect and self-worth.  

Whatever the case may be, this is all ultimately a Cardi B choice – and everyone must respect it.  

Cardi B Slams Production Crew Over Pyro, Music Issues at BET Experience

The pregnancy rumors were not the only reason Cardi B trended over the weekend. Another viral moment from the BET Experience involved the rapper’s frustration with her production team. 

In a video that quickly circulated online, the 31-year-old artist can be seen angrily addressing her crew over multiple production issues. Cardi B was upset about the handling of pyrotechnics, stage fans, and music. 

“No offense, yo, but production,” Cardi begins in the video. “Y’all messin’ up my pyros, the fans is off. Y’all messing up my music.” 

This outburst drew mixed reactions from fans, with some criticizing Cardi for disrespecting her team. In response to the controversy, Cardi took to X to explain her anger, revealing that she had spent over $100,000 on production, which she felt had not been properly executed. 

It was a Cardi B-filled weekend. Now, whether or not the pregnancy rumors are true, one thing is certain: Cardi B knows how to keep the spotlight. 

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