Cardi B Gushes On Shakira’s WhatsApp Channel About Her Excitement to Be a Part of ‘Puntería’: ‘This Is My Dream’

Cardi B Gushes On Shakira's WhatsApp Channel About Her Excitement to Be a Part of 'Puntería': 'This Is My Dream'
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Latina stars continue to collaborate with one another – and it’s letting the world know just how powerful the Latino community is. And Shakira and Cardi B are the latest stars jumping on this.  

Shakira recently unveiled a sneak peek of her highly anticipated collaboration with Cardi B, teasing their upcoming music video for “Puntería” via her official WhatsApp channel.  



Speculation swirls that the song may contain veiled references to Shakira’s former husband and grand cheater, Gerard Piqué, adding a layer of personal depth to the collaboration. 

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For Cardi B, the opportunity to collaborate with Shakira is a dream come true.  

“I was so happy. I was like, I don’t care if she wants me to meow. I’m doing it. I cannot wait. Seriously, this is my dream,” Cardi is heard saying in the behind-the-scenes video, which Shakira shared on her Instagram.  

Shakira reciprocated Cardi B’s admiration, praising her as being a good writer. She also shared how she finds Cardi B to be a wonderful performer who knows how to create amazing lyrics.  

Reflecting on the decision to collaborate, Shakira shared, “We were always discussing internally if it was a good idea to bring someone into the song. But I always pictured Cardi in the song. I reached out and here we are.” 

“I manifested it, but I didn’t know when it was coming,” Cardi B added, reflecting on the journey that led to this collaboration. 

Fans are now eagerly waiting for the release of “Puntería” and its accompanying video. This song, so far, promises to be an anthem for many once it is released.  

Though this is the first time Cardi B and Shakira have collaborated, we hope it won’t be the last time. Latinas need to stick together, after all. 

Do you think the song will be yet another hit for these Latina superstars? 

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