Behind Jazzy’s World TV, the Young Panameña Queen Interviewing All Your Favorite Celebrities

Behind Jazzy’s World TV, the Young Panameña Queen Interviewing All Your Favorite Celebrities belatina latine
Credit: Instagram/ Jazzysworldtv

When we’re watching TV or scrolling through our social media accounts and bumping into celebrity interviews, the most common thing to see is journalists from different media outlets conducting them. You know, people that work in the media industry.  

Well, there’s a badass Afro-Latina who’s fulfilling a lot of reporters’ dreams by interviewing global superstars like Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Gigi Hadid, Cardi B, and Rodrigo De Paul, among others. The best part? She’s only 12 years old.  

The talent behind Jazzy’s World TV channel exudes confidence

Jazlyn Guerra, known as Jazzy, is a panameña from Brooklyn who has a natural talent for interviewing and speaking in front of a camera on her Jazzy’s World TV channel. Anyone watching her content, whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram, can notice the young reporter talking to famous people without ever looking nervous.   

“I was really nervous at the time,” Jazzy told Kelly Clarkson during an interview at The Kelly Clarkson Show in September of this year, where the young reporter shared her experience speaking to rapper Jay-Z. “I was really excited too, but first of all, Jay-Z, he’s a big inspiration to me and so many kids around the world. I mean, he’s extremely successful, and we’re from similar neighborhoods.”  

More than having awesome communication skills, Jazzy is a synonym for confidence. This young Afro-Latina always shows herself as determined and positive about the things she brings to the table.  

Although most of her interviews are in English, the panameña doesn’t hesitate to switch languages and start speaking in Spanish if she has to, and the conversation she had with Argentinian professional soccer player Rodrigo De Paul proves it.  

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez is also among the 12-year-old interviewees. She and her brother David had the opportunity to show Alvarez their best boxing moves 

Jazzy’s talent and confidence are a great source of inspiration not only for those who are pursuing a career in the media industry but to all of the Latinas out there working hard to accomplish their goals. The young reporter is the perfect example to show everyone that nothing is impossible, especially for a Latina who’s determined and knows what she wants.  

Isn’t that right, Jazzy?  

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