Be the Cause of Good Chisme When Your Family Sees How Beautifully You Set Up for the Holiday Party

As we get older, we are starting to realize that the holiday set-up and meals don’t cook on their own. It’s not magic – as much as we’d like it to be.

There’s hard work behind creating a perfect holiday setting, which, more often than not, will be imprinted in our memories for years to come. Some of us are even becoming the ones to host our families as roles switch and a new generation makes its way into our nucleus. Though we may still rely on the original experts of la cena navideña, it’s time we introduce them to new traditions.   



So, let’s start by recreating the set-up for your beloved holiday dinner. Remember, we must start with baby steps and keep in mind that previous traditions won’t be erased, they’re only getting a minor facelift.   

Setting up the dinner table for the holiday celebration is a task on its own. By this point, it’s time we outgrow using simple, plastic plates and cups, being scattered around, and not taking the moment to savor the beauty of a Latino family gathering during the holidays. It’s time we create a sanctuary in the area where we will share the flavors of our Latin heritage and the ever-present joy felt in a Latino family during la Navidad.   

Think of the plates, the glassware, and the pots you’ll use to set everything up as exquisitely appealing as possible. Let’s wow our families this year.   

Need some inspiration for the right setup? Well, Princess House is one of the best places to look. In fact, we recently spoke to them about the myriad of holiday cookware and dinnerware they have available. But more than speaking with them, we hosted them for BELatina TV’s holiday special because we were curious to see how great Chef James’ food would look in them. Spoiler alert: Everything looked beautiful and delicious.  

After experiencing the wonders of this segment, we knew we had to share these gems with our BELatina audience.  

Below find some of the best tips for decorating the perfect holiday dinner table while getting ahead of the holiday preparations.  

First impressions matter 

Whenever you arrive for dinner, the first thing you can see is the dinner table. Within a second, you’re able to see how it’s set up, what decorations are around it, if any, and how many people will be seated around you. So, this year try something different. Make the table as beautiful as possible. Add pops of color to showcase the vibrancy of your family and the excitement this time of year brings. Start by placing a creamy white table runner, which will add a festive flair to your holiday table. Pair it with matching cloth napkins, which are woven with shimmering gold thread. Placing these items on your table will make you – and everyone else – feel the holiday spirit. You can’t forget the dinnerware, though. If anything, that’s the most important part. However, Marbella’s Ruby & Winter Berry 16-Pc. Dinnerware Set takes care of all of this. So, you won’t have to worry about this on the big day.  

Food is everything 

Great food is expected at any holiday-related event, especially the ultimate holiday party with your family and friends. This is when traditional flavors shine the most. There’s no better time than the holidays to eat tamales, buñuelos, drink coquito, and lechón – all at the same time. It’s a feast! Best of all, we found that these dishes can be made easier – and sometimes quicker – with the right tools.  

For instance, if you are thinking of making tamales, try using Princess Heritage® stainless steel cookware. This line has stock pots with steaming racks that come in various sizes. Side note: If you’re thinking of cooking up a simple holiday breakfast, maybe some tortillas or arepas, use the Mi Cocina Comal, which also makes a special appearance on Princess House’s segment. Chef James used it to prepare some ingredients needed for the delectable paella he made that day. Everything was beyond amazing.   

Keep the party going 

It’s no secret that Latinos love to party – and by party, I mean dance and joke around, especially on special occasions. In order to keep the liveliness going after the holiday dinner, brew cafecito with your favorite Latino-owned coffee brand and pass it around as the night gets younger.  

All in all, set yourself up for success this holiday season – you and your family deserve it.  

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