3 Latin Breakfast Dishes with a Sustainable Twist

As you may all know, Latin cuisine is probably responsible for some of the most loved dishes nationally and, dare we say, internationally. Its beauty is in the diversity of its flavors and lingering aromas.  

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any meals in between, you know you’re in a treat if a Latin meal is on the menu.  

I mean, have you ever woken up to a Latin breakfast? It’s perhaps one of the best ways to wake up and is easily an experience of its own.  

However, it can be a bit too hearty for some, which is why we want to help you make some replacements; these will allow you to create more sustainable and fitter meals for you and your family.  

BELatina Cheese Arepa

From making a nice cup of café con leche using Take Two plant-based barleymilk to scrambling egg whites for the perfect Colombian calentado, there’s no denying that Latin food is finger-licking-good no matter the ingredients. After all, it’s all in the sazón.   

So, let’s dive into the many variations a morning meal can look like depending on which Latin American region you’re from and how you can amp it up. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!  


Photo courtesy: TODAY NICARAGUA
Photo courtesy: TODAY NICARAGUA

A typical Nicaraguan breakfast includes gallo pinto (rice and red kidney beans mixed together), sweet plantains, eggs (replacement option: egg whites), and coffee.  

While this might sound more than enough, no Nicaraguan breakfast is complete without a glass of fresh fruit juice, like agua de jamaica. 

Replacing the eggs with egg whites or even forgoing the eggs won’t compromise the experience in any way. Give it a try! 

El Salvador 

If you’re a lover of cheese and cream, then this is the breakfast for you! Salvadoran breakfast is not for the faint of heart since it is built with so many delicious ingredients.  

As with most Latin American breakfasts, they include eggs and café con leche. However, Salvadorans also add a tortilla, cheese or cuajada, red bean puree, sweet plantains, and table Central American cream to drizzle all over this magical meal. And don’t forget to use Take Two Barleymilk with your café con leche for an even more rich and creamier start to your morning.   

Photo courtesy of BELatina TV/ BrandStar
Photo courtesy of BELatina TV/ BrandStar

For those that want to go the extra mile, replace the tortillas for pupusas — a stuffed tortilla from all sorts of things such as beans and cheese. For a lighter morning, replace the cheese and cream with avocados; it’ll still be a treat. 


Photo courtesy of Hispanic Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Hispanic Kitchen

A Colombian breakfast can be many things, but, for this occasion, let’s talk about the ever-scrumptious calentado. As the legend says, this meal was created to avoid food waste – something that is not sustainable at all. So, Colombians would use the rice and beans from the night before and mix them with eggs to make a lavish breakfast.  

Adding an arepa (Colombian’s version of a tortilla — but thicker and made with different types of flour) is the cherry on the top. The beverage of choice is coffee, agua panela (brown sugar tea), or a cup of hot chocolate.  

If you want to continue with the sustainable theme, use Take Two’s plant-based barleymilk — which happens to pride itself in its sustainability and overall positive impact on the environment — to enhance your morning experience. Take Two is the first plant-based milk that’s made from an upcycled ingredient, spent grain. Barley is used to make beer and they upcycle the barley protein that is leftover to make their delicious barleymilks. Take Two also has a chocolate flavor option, in case you have a sweet tooth.  

Most Latin American countries have a simple version of their breakfasts and the deluxe version. We all know that breakfast can easily be a slice of bread and a cup of coffee, especially on those days that you are rushing. But let’s pretend we are cooking for the days when our agendas are empty. Doesn’t that sound great? 

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