Here’s How to Include Embroidering in Your Vacation Planning

It seems as though this year, many of us are going to be able to celebrate events with a lighter heart and with more peace in the air. Finally, there’s some space in our minds to enjoy the simple things again, such as family projects and outings. How fun does that sound?  

What better way to have fun with your family than to go on vacation? Spring break is here, after all! 

Vacationing is a feat in itself, so proper preparation needs to take place. Everyone should have their essentials packed with the matching gear you can all flaunt. Some family members may groan at the matching T-shirt, but it’s not only convenient, it can also be a way to keep a tab on each other, hence promoting safety.  

In fact, let’s dive in a bit more on that.  

It isn’t uncommon to go on vacation and see other families wearing matching shirts with their names or a phrase that identifies them. These shirts are usually not something out of the ordinary – they are basic, if anything. This is why you should consider elevating your matching gear up a notch – like you.  

Why not try embroidering names or fun quotes onto matching shirts or jackets? It isn’t difficult to do at all. If you have the right equipment, it should take you less time than finishing all your travel snacks.  

One of the best embroidery machines in the market at an entry-level price point – if not the best – is the Brother PE550. 

According to the Brother website, the PE550D brings the magic of Disney to your embroidery projects. This machine features a 4” x 4” embroidery field with 125 built-in decorative designs, including 45 Disney designs. Also, built-in are nine fonts for monogramming and personalization.  

Embellish your vacation creations with Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends embroidery!  

The PE550D features a large, easy-to-view color touch screen display to view your designs and see them in alternate colors if you wish before stitching it out. Adjust and edit the built-in embroidery lettering fonts in multiple ways: Align text at an angle or in curves, place text on multiple lines, increase and decrease the spacing between letters, and more. 

So, grab a few shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, or even dresses to get your embroidery on with Brother PE550D! 

We even used it recently in our newest segment of BELatina TV, where Karent Sierra – the host – received an Encanto-themed embroidered jacket as a gift while testing out the machine ourselves. Using it was so easy, we almost couldn’t believe it.  

Going on vacation has never been more exciting – and helping everyone do it in style is just what makes it better.  

So, what design will you embroider for your family’s matching garments? 

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