The Latina Behind Clara for Creators, a Community-based Site That Believes in Financial Transparency

Who's the Latina Behind Clara for Creators, a Community-based Site That Believes in Financial Transparency
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If you’re an avid social media user, chances are you’ve seen Clara for Creators’ videos of people asking content creators how much they make. Pero why are they doing this, and who’s behind the idea?

Let’s talk about the Latina entrepreneur who led this innovative, and much-needed project.

What’s Clara for Creators?

For starters, it’s about financial transparency and setting a base for content creators to make sure they’re getting paid fairly.

Clara for Creators is “a hybrid of Glassdoor and LinkedIn for creators.” It allows you to search for brands, see brand reviews, and what they pay creators based on follower count. Leaving reviews in under 15 seconds is another benefit, per their TikTok video. You can also filter information based on the platform, follower count, and dig into understanding competitive rates. So, not only does this create transparency on rates, but it also helps content creators understand how much they should be making. 

Who’s behind this community-based site?

Clara for Creators’ founder is a Peruvian Latina named Christen Nino De Guzman. She used to help launch creator programs at huge tech companies such as Instagram and Pinterest – that’s until she realized the need for money transparency. The story starts when she went viral for posting a TikTok and recognized that as a content creator herself, she couldn’t find a base pay for influencers. 

The result of this? She decided to start a company that would help combat this issue.

Nino De Guzman told CNBC, “Many creators end up selling themselves short, especially women and people of color. I once saw a man get paid 10 times what a woman creator was paid for the same campaign – just because he asked more. I’ve also seen Latinx creators with triple the following of white creators be paid half as much.”

On her personal TiKTok, she shares salaries from her past jobs, in hopes to stop gatekeeping this type of information. By doing this and by posting regular videos of content creators sharing how much money they make per TikTok on Clara for Creators’ social media, The Peruvian entrepreneur is helping content creators spark the conversation regarding their salaries.

This is a surefire route to help create a base pay for content creators and help with equal pay.

We love seeing a Latina spearhead such an exciting program!

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