Latina Icon Cristina Saralegui Opens Up About the Cancellation of Her Talk Show and Depression on Don Francisco’s Podcast

Latina Icon Cristina Saralegui Opens Up About the Cancellation of Her Talk Show and Depression on Don Francisco's Podcast
Credit (right to left): By Carlos Figueroa Rojas (Don Francisco); John Mathew Smith (Cristina Saralegui)

Recently, Don Francisco sat down with Cristina Saralegui on his podcast “Decálogo del Éxito – Entre Gigantes” to discuss a range of topics, including Cristina’s departure from Univisión. The conversation revealed not just the professional challenges Saralegui faced but also the deep personal struggles that followed. 

Cristina Saralegui, now 76, opened up about her emotional state following the abrupt cancellation of her long-running show on Univisión. She recounted what happened the day she received the terrible news — and how she took it all in with her husband. “We got in the car, my husband and I, and we went to a bar, ordered two martinis, and looked at each other and I said: ‘And now, what happened? What was that?’ because even in the bar we didn’t know what had happened because we couldn’t believe it.” This unique moment underscored the shock and disbelief they felt. 

In Don Francisco’s Podcast, Cristina Saralegui Reveals She Battled Depression

Saralegui’s departure from Univisión, where she had spent over two decades, led her into a deep depression. “The depression wasn’t so much about ego or not being on a TV show… it was because I have been working since I was 16 years old and I couldn’t find myself sitting at home with nothing to do,” she admitted, highlighting how difficult it was for her to adjust to a life without work. 

Mario Kreutzberger, better known as Don Francisco, who is 83, empathized with Saralegui’s plight. He, too, exited the network after many years.   

He recounted his own experience of leaving Univisión, where he had hosted the iconic “Sábado Gigante” for decades. “When it happened to me, I was already 63, okay? It means that after having given them my life, I only had two years left to retire with honors… they didn’t even wait those two years to do what they did, which was very ugly.” 

Saralegui also reflected on how she coped with her depression by moving to Telemundo with a new show, “Pa’Lante Con Cristina.” However, this transition was fraught with emotional conflict. “I am so loyal, as loyal as an old dog, I would never have worked for anyone else but my network. I went to Telemundo and the show lasted a year… Because I couldn’t find myself, I felt like a woman who is cheating on her husband every time the show started,” she confessed. 

Cristina’s career in television began with her groundbreaking talk show, “El Show de Cristina,” which aired from 1989 to 2010. The show addressed controversial topics such as sexuality, addiction, HIV/AIDS, and superstition, earning her twelve Emmy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was Don Francisco who had recommended Cristina to the then-president of Univisión, Joaquín Blaya, paving the way for her career. 

Wisdom for the Latino Community

The podcast, as its name suggests, revolves around a ten-point list of “life lessons” aimed at those seeking success. Cristina’s decálogo included gems like “live life in stages,” “after a failure you have to look for a job,” and “learn new things and love differently.” These principles encapsulate her journey and the wisdom she has garnered over the years. 

Despite the abrupt end of her tenure at Univisión and the ensuing depression, Saralegui found ways to navigate through the dark times, emerging stronger and with a wealth of experience to share with her audience. Regardless of how long it’s been, there is no denying that the Latino community will forever see Saralegui and Don Francisco as pioneers – and they continue to be an inspiration for many Latinos to this day. 

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