OPINION: Angela Aguilar Faces Backlash Amid Her New Relationship with Nodal Leaving Many People Asking What This Means for Latina Unity 

OPINION: Angela Aguilar Faces Backlash Amid Her New Relationship with Nodal Leaving Many People Asking What This Means for Latina Unity 
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The recent revelation that Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar are in a relationship, which was disclosed in an exclusive interview with Hola! USA, has sparked a lot of public interest and concern.  

The news follows much speculation, particularly after observers noticed Angela wearing Nodal’s distinctive cross necklace. This news is unsettling for many, considering that Nodal recently welcomed a child with Argentine urban music star Cazzu, less than a year ago.

It is important to note that both Cazzu and Nodal announced their breakup on social media recently, adding a layer of intrigue to the timing of this new relationship. 

Angela Aguilar May Not Be a ‘Girl’s Girl’

This situation calls for a deeper examination of how relationships, particularly those involving Latinas, are treated in the public eye and within the community. Angela Aguilar, who was supposedly a friend of Cazzu, expressed excitement over Cazzu’s pregnancy, even referring to herself as a “tía” in comments under Cazzu’s pregnancy pictures. However, Angela’s actions now seem to contradict her earlier support, raising questions about loyalty and respect among women. 

Angela has faced criticism from the Latino community before, especially from Mexicans, who form the largest Latino population in the United States. During the 2022 World Cup, she chose to highlight her Argentine heritage, claiming to be 25 percent Argentine through her grandmother. This decision led to backlash from her predominantly Mexican fan base, causing a decline in her concert sales and tarnishing her once-stellar reputation. 

Nodal, too, has had his share of controversies, including a very public breakup with Mexican icon Belinda, whom he alluded to as being “difficult,” or that’s what many speculate is what is embedded within the music he released after their breakup.  Despite this, he quickly moved on to Cazzu, with whom he seemed very much in love — until now.  

According to the Hola! USA article, Nodal stated, “This isn’t a new relationship; it’s the continuation of a story that life made us pause to grow and miss each other. Because when we let go, we returned more ourselves.” While Nodal insists there was no infidelity involved, it feels like a cop-out to many. As Colombian moms say: “El que nada debe nada teme” (“He who owes nothing, fears nothing”) — and it smells like a lot of fear.  


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Beyond Nodal and Aguilar – It’s Time to Respect Love

In light of these events, it is crucial to reflect on how love and relationships, especially involving Latinas, are perceived and treated. Latinas deserve to be cherished and respected, not treated as disposable. Nodal’s actions, moving swiftly from one high-profile relationship to another, and Aguilar’s perceived betrayal of friendship, highlight a troubling pattern where women’s feelings and dignity are disregarded. 

In the Latina community, unity and support among women are vital. Aguilar’s actions seem driven by selfishness rather than solidarity, betraying a fundamental principle of sisterhood. She may be young, but she is not naive enough to ignore the implications of her actions. This real-time novela is not for anyone’s entertainment and it’s sad to know that there is pain piecing this story.  

Cazzu’s fans are rallying behind her, empathizing with the pain of heartbreak, especially after having a child with someone who ultimately betrays her. Yet, let’s not forget how in the Latino community, infidelity is often normalized and shrugged off. This, in some way, reflects the enduring influence of patriarchy – and it’s time all of this changes. It is imperative that we do not remain complicit in this harmful cycle. 

The community should hold individuals accountable for their actions and demand a higher standard of respect and fidelity. It’s the only way our generation will go above what has been shown in our families for so long.  

Nodal and Aguilar must both strive to do better, recognizing the value of love and loyalty in relationships. Let this be a call to elevate the way we view and treat love in the Latino community. And no. Supporting something that is built on pain is not what we will do. Sorry con excuse me, but not sorry.  

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