Being a Latina is a Superpower, Here’s Why

Superpower Latina Yvette
Photo Credit IG @womanawakened

Women are beautiful creatures with an incredible ability to heal and transform. It is only a couple of the superpowers our gender shares that transcend cultures. 

Although the most common definition among pop culture describes a superpower as an exaggerated human trait, it is not necessarily the case. We don’t need to have superhuman strength, sight, telekinesis, teleporting, or speed to claim a superpower. Each one of us holds a unique gift to offer the world.

Being a Latina is a superpower in itself  for many reasons. We are known for our spirited soul and high powered energy. Some people describe us as passionate or having a zest for life that is incomparable. 

My mother is a fighter, dancer, and energizer bunny in her own right. Growing up, I watched her sing and dance around our apartment, even when  life was not kind. 

Life’s experiences change us. As we grow older, the bad things that happen often dim our light. It is challenging to keep the inner self lifted, but Latinas can display relentless optimism in a puzzling way. Our approach to life is “live and let live” by giving others the space to exist in their own world. We use music to heal our hearts and dance to exert the pain brought on by the different circumstances we place ourselves in at times.

Women have an array of undiscovered gifts. The journey is constant and neverending because of the vast amount of empathy and emotion we possess. Latinas have their own intensity, known to level up when feelings are involved. Some call it feisty; , it comes from decades of matriarchs trying to rebel against the “machista” (male chauvinist) mentality that plagued the older generations.

Our superpowers can be used for good or evil. You don’t want to cross a Latina. We don’t necessarily need to go out and get even. Patiently, we wait to watch Karma take care of you when you least expect it. We love hard but can shut it down in an instant if betrayed. 

Whether you are a Latina or not, you have been endowed with your own virtues as a woman. During the journey of life, initiate an exploratory trip to a deeper you.  Seek self-discovery, embrace all that you are, and learn to understand your worth because that is a superpower we should all strive to master.