Love Alumni Boutique, A Latina-Owned Mobile Shop Creating Opportunities For Women

Love Alumni Boutique, A Latina-Owned Mobile Shop Creating Opportunities For Women belatina latine
Credit: Instagram/lovealumniboutique

For Malorie Delgadillo-Mckinney, being of Mexican descent strengthened her desire to create a small business that would not only bring benefits to her but would also create a wide range of opportunities for other women.

That’s — roughly — how Love Alumni Boutique was created.

This Latina-owned mobile store, which is a small lavender-colored bus, brings together a variety of brands created and owned solely by women.

“I wanted to do it in a bus because I just felt it was the best thing in the most efficient way,” said Malorie during an interview with BELatina. “I can decorate the space, it creates a great shopping experience for our customers, and you know, how many people can say they shop on a bus?”

Malorie is a second-generation Latina with her family originating from Durango, Mexico. She shares that watching her family’s hard work influenced her ambition to become an entrepreneur. 

“I absolutely believe that me being a Latina, and me seeing my parents hustle and work hard, and seeing my grandparents and just my whole family go through that experience definitely had a lot with what would inspire me to be a small business owner myself and to make sure that I’m creating opportunities for others in our boutique, creating a space for them to put their products.”

More than just a store, Love Alumni Boutique becomes a seal of support, encouragement, and bravery behind the Latina who operates the business.

“Being Mexicanos, being Latinos, I feel like we’re experts at building from the ground up, at being somewhere with nothing and building an empire out of it,” said Malorie. “I think that’s the best form of activism against racism.”


Although there’s an array of ethnicities and backgrounds in the shop, Malorie says most of the brands she currently collaborates with are Latina-owned. Nonetheless, Love Alumni Boutique does not discriminate and invites all women entrepreneurs to be part of the project. 

For this hardworking Latina, self-trust is a vital ingredient for success. 

“If I could speak to my younger self, I would tell her to have faith in myself, to not let myself down, and to let myself know like, even if nobody else in this world believes in me, to believe in myself and bet on myself,” said the entrepreneur. 

You can find Love Alumni Boutique and its women-owned brands on Instagram as @lovealmuniboutique. 

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