“Latinas En La Lucha,” Elizabeth Warren’s New Campaign to Attract the Vote of the Hispanic Female Community

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While some candidates have prominent Latinas on the front lines of their teams and yes, we are obviously talking about AOC and Bernie Sanders Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided to go a step further and make public her plan for Latinas in the United States.

As one of the most important demographic forces in the country closely following the AfricanAmerican female community Latinas represent about 17% of the U.S. population, and this number is projected to increase to 25% by 2050.

It is not surprising then that the campaign for Warren’s Democratic nomination has decided to speak directly to the issues that concern us.

“Latinas are the driving force behind Latino voter participation, registration, and turnout, and they are the decision-makers in their households and in their communities,” Warren said in a statement. “Latinas are key to unlocking the full potential of the entire community. And as president, I’m committed to being a real partner with the Latino community.

Similarly, and in Spanish, the candidate wrote an opinion column for Univision’s digital platform where, recalling step by step her journey from member of a lower-middle class family in Oklahoma to her arrival at the U.S. Senate, she explained why the Latina community is vital for the country:

“Latinas face the largest gender pay gap relative to their white male peers. Latinas graduate from college at higher rates than their male counterparts, but with more student debt,” she acknowledged. “Latinas are creating new businesses at a higher than average rate, but they lack access to capital to grow. And Latinas, in charge of their households and leaders in their communities, know that paying rent and health care leaves families with zero dollars in savings for anything else.”

Building on this, and with the help of Latino community icons such as Chicana activist Rosie Castro of San Antonio and Tucson mayor Regina Romero, the Warren campaign has launched “Latinas En La Lucha,” a commitment to recognize the community that “has always been a vital source of American strength.”

“For Latinas across the country, this is my commitment to you: your struggles will be my struggles and together we will dream big, fight hard and win,” she said.

The senator’s proposal is for a salary increase for women of color and to “open up new pathways to the leadership positions they deserve,” according to her campaign website.

However, despite being one of the candidates with the most proposals, Warren has struggled to stay in the top spots during the Democratic primary, staying behind Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and, in some circumstances, her colleague Amy Klobuchar.

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