Mexico’s President Invites Bad Bunny to the ‘Zócalo’ After Ticketmaster Controversy – Not Everyone Is Happy

Mexico’s President Invites Bad Bunny to the ‘Zócalo’ After Ticketmaster Controversy - Not Everyone Is Happy belatina latine

During his daily morning conference on Wednesday, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed the Ticketmaster controversy that left thousands of ticket holders unable to attend a Bad Bunny concert held this past weekend at the Estadio Azteca installations in Mexico City. What was the reason behind the issue? Fake tickets. 

The Mexican president, also known as AMLO, lamented the situation and invited the boricua singer to hold another show at the Zócalo. However, the Mexican leader said the concert needed to be a “collaboration.”  

AMLO requested a free Bad Bunny concert in Mexico

“(I have to) tell him that we are saddened seeing young people that couldn’t get in (to the concert) because their tickets were cloned, because they were victims of a fraud,” AMLO said in his conference. “Some (of the concertgoers) were even crying because they saved for a long time to buy their tickets.”  

The president added that he’s working with the appropriate authorities to help give ticket holders their money back.   

“I know he’s (Bad Bunny) exhausted and tired because he works a lot, but I ask him to consider the possibility of coming to Mexico, to the Zócalo,” said López Obrador. “We can’t pay him. It would have to be a collaboration. We can take care of the stage and the lights.” 

The president’s intentions weren’t necessarily taken positively, as many Mexicans have used their social media platforms to express their opinions. Some made fun of the announcement, while others shared that a Bad Bunny concert shouldn’t be a priority for the government.   

“AMLO literally told Bad Bunny: ‘We’ll pay you with exposition, bro,’” Mexican journalist Héctor Elí tweeted 

Users even highlighted how ironic the Mexican government looks when it comes to bigger issues that directly affect the population.   

“Kids with cancer keep dying due to lack of medications. ‘Nothing is going on.’ Every day there are more women being murdered. ‘Nothing is going on.’ Every day there are more homicides. ‘Nothing is going on.’ Everything is more expensive. ‘Nothing is going on.’ People couldn’t see Bad Bunny. ‘I want to cry, I have feelings,’” shared a Twitter used referring to AMLO and his presumed reactions to common problems in Mexico. 

Although we love our Conejo Malo, there are certain things that governments — and not only the Mexican authorities, but all authorities — should focus on before planning a concert.  

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