This Latino-led Culinary School is Building Culinary Confidence For the Community

This Latino-led Culinary School is Building Culinary Confidence For the Community belatina latine
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Though over 17 percent of chefs are from the Latine community, there can’t be enough representation in any industry. This is why we must continue to celebrate any efforts that uplift emerging Latine chefs whenever possible.

Now, a Latino-led culinary school in Chicago called “Food” is going out of its way to provide resources in Little Village to aspiring chefs who wish to realize their dreams in culinary arts. 

The school originally started as a virtual program in 2014 founded by Javier Haro and has since become a nationally recognized establishment. 

“We empower individuals to learn about culinary; to start careers in culinary, as well as in the food industry,” said Haro.

Haro’s vision for culinary excellence 

Haro started his culinary program in person in 2019 at the Shared Kitchen Chicago and hopes the school can continue to thrive in new locations while keeping tuition affordable.

“We currently have a partnership with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, where there are individuals who are low-income or unemployed who are able to apply for these grants to cover the cost of tuition at 100 percent,” he stated. 

The school provides a 16-week period that promises to leave you with the fundamental skills to survive in any kitchen.

“I can make my own restaurant or whatever, but this is different because you learn from the people; you help the people with the newest skills,” said Lupita Romero, a former student. 

Haro is planning to create an open-space kitchen, and is set to provide bilingual training certificates as well as “micro-credentialing.”

“We’re not saying that in 16 weeks, you’re a master chef, but we are saying that you are solid and strong enough to go make an impact in the industry, and we will always invest in your career as long as you continue to plug in,” said Haro. 

If you are a Chicago native and are interested in taking the classes, Haro is opening a new space on 26th street and Christina Ave on Nov. 14th! In addition to teaching people how to be professional chefs, will be adding couples and children’s classes. 

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