Mercury Retrograde is Back And Astrologia Millennial is Helping Us get Through It 

Mercury Retrograde is Back And Astrologia Millenial is Helping Us get Through It BELatina News
Pictured Esteban Madrigal/ Photo courtesy of Esteban Madrigal

Have you ever experienced sudden laptop or any technological crashes as you finished your work deadline? How about any miscommunications with those that know you best and suddenly find yourself in all manner of traffic mayhem? If so, chances are that you are right in the middle of a Mercury retrograde!  

If the thought of traffic delays, canceled plans, and miscommunication make you want to run for the hills, take a breath and know that we’ve got you covered. 

Through BELatina News, I interviewed Esteban Madrigal, the talented Mexican astrologer behind the inspirational Instagram account en español, Astrologia Millennial, to get the tea on the retrogrades that arrive May 10th and last until it progresses June 3rd. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is back!

Esteban practices evolutionary astrology where the premise of it is within our natal chart and how it helps us evolve and grow in all of the facets of our mind, body, spirit, and beyond.

Astrology is no joke, which is why Astrologia Millennial will also support folks during these unsettled times by creating a special offer through the McDonald’s app.

With a beautiful, well-balanced background on his zoom call, which he says is due to his Moon (emotions) in Libra (arts/balance), Esteban exudes a lively, fun, down-to-earth, yet fiery energy often seen in the Sun (identity) of Aries (pioneer/warrior) people. Our conversation encapsulated this vibe too.

Interview Highlights

The interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity. 

Before we dove into the wisdom of the Mercury Retrogrades, I asked what inspired him to become an astrologer. 

In the beginning, I really didn’t share this openly, but now I embrace it fully. I was really cautious about anything that was linked to who I am and the kind of future I was destined to have. I started reading my horoscope and then an acquaintance began to share with me things that made sense to me, specifically about my path as an Aries. And something clicked. As I began to study, I realized the stars were not predicting my future, they were reflecting on me and expanding the stories I wanted to experience while helping me find the path.

There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t mention one of the twelve signs. As I grew in my awareness and understanding, I decided to share it with the world. I began to create my memes and share them on social media platforms and it exploded! I am so grateful that I get to connect with the world in this way.

Why do you think people were so open to you and the work you do through Astrologia Millennial? You have grown incredibly to over 730k followers on Instagram.

Esteban:  Laughing, “Deep question!” 

Vanessa: I’ve got Sun, Moon, and Mercury in the 12th house of the Soul, so I go deep fast!

Esteban: My sun is in the 12th house so let’s go deep!  I think that in part it’s social media; I didn’t plan this. I showed up and started creating memes to share. I also noticed that there were two types of accounts, one with cute, funny memes, telling people who they were based on their placements. These accounts provided no explanations. The other types of accounts were more complicated, where “the trine, in the opposition of the stellium square, and more” was expressed. It went over people’s heads, really. These accounts presented astrology in a complex and overwhelming way. People were struggling to find someone to explain it to them in a simple way. Instead, there are more people interested in the subject and who know that astrology provides valuable tools to get to know themselves and others better. So, I started sharing astrology in a way that I wished someone had explained it to me earlier. Doing this in community made it less lonely too. 

Why did name your Instagram account Astrologia Millennial? 

As millennials, we grew up with Walter Mercado and heard about horoscopes in our homes. Now that we are older, we want to understand more and expand upon this knowledge. Astrology helps us identify who we are, what we are not, and who we are becoming. It is serving as a modern language in which we can share ourselves in a deeper way.  

Okay, now to Mercury Retrograde! Why are people afraid of Mercury Retrograde, what is it, and why should we care?

We need to care about the stars as they reflect and inspire us. Mercury is the most famous as it happens three times a year. Mercury is the messenger planet and principle that affects how we communicate, how we think, how we send information, and how we give voice to our self-expression. You can imagine what can happen when that type of energy goes backward!

When Mercury is in retrograde many unpleasant situations may occur. We may have simplified it to, “Oh, your ex may come back, your mail may not arrive on time, or the car may break down,” but it’s more than that. It’s about going within, reviewing how we’ve been thinking, what we haven’t been able to say, and asking ourselves new questions to find new pathways. When Mercury is spinning backward, it’s an invitation to get still, not push, and go more internal than usual.

We definitely need to double-check facts and pay attention to what is coming up for us. That’s why I got excited when Mcdonald’s came to me and said, “Well, life is getting more unstable with Mercury retrograde but we can rely on what we know.” 

What is the best course of action during this Mercury Retrograde?

I don’t like to be a bearer of doom in any way, but if something you wanted didn’t happen or things are delayed, it’s important to ask: How did this affect what I am planning? How does this change things? What is my plan B? Is this really the best choice for me?

Often, when we don’t get what we want, for example, not get the job we wanted, the Universe has basically said,” Nope. Not this or not now.” We immediately collapse and think it’s all over. However, if you look through the lens of astrology you can better explore what’s the lesson, if there is another way, or if what you wanted really wasn’t as good for you as you thought it was. The stars ask you to deepen your awareness of your intentions and how you go about creating what you want. 

So, here are some action steps for Mercury Retrograde: 

  • Reflect and review 
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Stay Mindful 

Once Mercury goes Direct, is it game on? 

Mercury Retrograde is one of the movements happening. We recently shifted nodes and Taurus and Scorpio as well for the next year and a half, so we are in the middle of a deep transformation. Also, Jupiter (expansion/blessings) goes into Aries on May 10th bringing fiery energy of forwarding movement.

As we spend the next three weeks going deeper and asking ourselves life-changing questions, we should emerge with more clarity. We can’t say you’re winning the lottery or everything will go your way from now on, but the hope is that you surface up with more grounded intentions and with the revitalized energy to keep moving forward. 

In the Latino culture, we often say, “ni vayas atrás para agarrar vuelo,” (don’t go back, not even to lift off in flight) but Mercury Retrograde invites you to look back so you can get perspective. We are in a culture where we want everything immediately. Still, we need to understand that slowing down helps us integrate and calibrate. We often run through life trying to live our purpose without knowing what it really means for us. 

Is there a final message for our audience?

It’s important to understand that astrology is not predictive or that playing an astrology-related Instagram game will help anyone understand themselves. Instead, astrology can help us understand our life cycles through the initiatory energy of Aries ending with the transcendental Pisces. We are here to integrate the wisdom of each sign within us and explore who we can become. 

Ask new questions, questions we may have never asked before! 

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