Teachers Be Like: Meet the ‘Mexicano’ Imitating Everybody’s Latine Educators

Teachers Be Like: Meet the ‘Mexicano’ Imitating Everybody’s Latine Educators belatina latine

Creativity comes to us in different ways. Some find it by creating all sorts of crafts, others have a gift for the arts and like to paint or sing, and others have a specific talent to make people laugh.

Comedy seems to be natural for Mexican influencer Jesus Nalgas. His content not only makes people laugh, but Nalgas’ videos can also make any viewer who ever had a Latine teacher feel identified or even reminisce about their school years. 

The Mexicano’s TikTok account is filled with educator moments where he imitates our favorite Latine professors when they’re teaching Spanish, when they tell the class they’ll be absent for a day, when they attend a school dance, and many other relatable moments. 


Teachers that teach Spanish be like !! Y’all who remembers their Spanish class teacher? 😩😂 #fyp #highschool #spanishclass #school #teacher .

♬ original sound – JESUSNALGAS

“Guys, why I’m I hearing you guys not talk in Español? Tienen que hablar en español por 20 minutos,” says Nalgas while portraying a Spanish teacher who’s also listening to a Maná song in the classroom. You know, just a Latine way to make it more engaging. 

Though Nalgas seems to have lots of fun creating profesor or maestra-related clips, they’re not the only ones he impersonates. School principals are also one of the influencer’s favorites. 


Principles want to come in looking for a student be like !! Y’all who remembers hearing the keys 😂? #fyp#school#principle#back2school

♬ original sound – JESUSNALGAS

His posts about principals receiving students in their office, when they observe a class, or when they have to lead a school assembly are just pure joy and will definitely put a smile on every Latine’s face.

This Mexicano comedian is versatile with his content

If school-relevant content is not what you’re looking for, Nalgas takes his humor beyond that, and his imitation of Costco, Bath & Body, or DMV employees, cashiers, moms, and all sorts of Latine receptionists will also have you giggling. 


Mom’s when they take your trick-or-treating be like !! Y’all who remembers trick-or-treating with their parents 😂🎃. #fyp#halloween#momstrickortreats.

♬ original sound – JESUSNALGAS

To me, this Mexicano is not only about the laughs, but his content is also something that generates a sense of community and relatability.

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