Grassroots Immigrant Rights Group Mijente! Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Mijente Endorsements BELatina Latinx

When one of the country’s largest pro-immigrant organizations decides to support your presidential race, you must be doing something right — or that’s what can easily be interpreted after the Mijente! organization announced its support for Senator Bernie Sanders’ candidacy last Monday.

“Trump’s re-election is a direct threat to our communities. Senator Bernie Sanders has a long history of progressive stances and consistently remains on side of working people. That’s why we’re proud to endorse Sanders for president,” wrote the organization on Twitter.

Their decision, however, was not taken lightly.

As they announced in their blog at the end of January, Mijente! explained the importance and seriousness of a possible re-election of Donald Trump, as a threat “to us all and to the planet.” Therefore, and considering its field of action and its community influence as an organization, the group decided to carry out “a first full membership endorsement process” to decide who to support.

Through the El Chisme 2020 campaign, the organization contacted the candidates for the Democratic nomination to outline their plans and answer questions about values, community, and how they intended to energize the national conversation around key issues for immigrants in the country.

“We are clear that it’s not just about the tallies on election day but about what we build and learn together and whether or not we are in a position to move together after this election cycle,” said Mijente!’s blog. “Victory is when communities who have long been taken for granted are no longer an afterthought and begin to influence the political debate, the issue agenda, who is on the ballot, and make all of this actually matter by enacting the leadership, policies, and change we need.”

After considering Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and then candidate Julián Castro, the organization has finally reached the decision to support the former.

According to what Marisa Franco, director and cofounder of Mijente! told Politico, 70% of the organization’s members voted in favor of Sanders’ proposal because of his “economic justice platform and moratorium on deportations.”

“Something that’s very appealing to people is his consistency and the concept of word,” said Franco, “And what that means in our community is giving people your ‘word.'”

Tomás Garduño, national field director of the organization, said the group “intends to knock on doors and phone bank for Sanders in the final days before the Saturday caucus in Nevada, which will be Sanders’ first real test with Latino voters,” Politico explained.

Considering the importance of Super Tuesday in boosting the vote in areas such as North Carolina, California, and Texas, this endorsement is pivotal for a candidate who, so far, is at the top of all polls.

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