New Moon in Aquarius: Affirming Our Genius

New Moon in Aquarius BELatina Latinx
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The upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on February 1, at 12:45 am EST, is a refreshing invitation to step up our intentions and plans for 2022. The recent retrogrades — Venus just went direct on the 29th, and Mercury is ready to go direct on February 3rd — have slowed down our progress on the love, communication, and technology fronts, and we’re raring to go after the 3rd! This visionary and rebellious moon invites us to step out of our safe zones and embrace our unique talents and perspectives!

This new moon also marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, one of the most important Asian and southeast Asian holidays. This is a holiday tied to the first new moon at the end of January, honoring the ancestors, household deities and spanning about two weeks until the Full Moon.

Similarly, one of the eight pagan holidays, Imbolc (Old Irish for in the Belly), falls on this day as well and honors the Goddess Brigid, patroness of fertility, poetry, and blacksmiths. This holiday marks the promise of Spring when the baby lambs were born and the returning of the light as in longer days ahead!

Time to plan ahead 

As the days get longer and we celebrate new beginnings in many cultures, how we plan to create, build and move through the year becomes a prioridad! 

While the last two years have made it hard to prepare for most of us, this New Moon ruled by the changemaker Uranus jolts us forward and asks that we commit wherever we’ve been falling back with a “wait and see” attitude.

Throwing caution aside, we are asked to envision our future and get moving in our own direction. For many, it will be a time of great course correction. 

Remember, there’s no shame in admitting that what we used to want isn’t for us anymore. Not one of us is the same person that started this collective earth journey in early 2020. We will continue unpacking the shifts in our desires, goals, and long-term vision, and committing fully will allow us to try on realities, with the full permission to change if we realize it’s not a match! 

Anyone who has ever stared at the skies knows that the moon goes through different cycles each month. When the Moon (emotions) lines up with the sun (identity) in the sky, we cannot see the moon, and it is called a New Moon. 

There are twelve new moons a year, and each aligns with a different astrological sign. New moons are always energetic portals to new beginnings, and this one is ripe for seeding changes that will unfold in the next six months. This is a great time to clear out your closets and desks, take a clearing bath with intentions, create a vision board, and journal new intentions and goals. It’s a time to let go of what no longer works and start placing seeds for the new. Take your time. View the bigger picture and ask yourself, “How can I nurture my genius? What really jolts me into action?” 

Yes, you read that right — genius. 

Most of us don’t see our own genius or magia because we’ve been subtly entrained to compare ourselves to people’s highlight reels on Instagram or other social media platforms. We can never truly see ourselves in a comparison state, for it’s always in judgment of an outside standard. This new moon says to hell with others’ standards! 

The Latin roots of genius define it as “attendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination,” from the root of gignere “beget.” The original sense “spirit attendant on a person” gave rise to a sense of a person’s characteristic disposition (late 16th century), which led to a sense of “a person’s natural ability,” and finally “exceptional natural ability” (mid 17th century). 

In the beginning, genius meant an inclination present since birth — and we all have inclinations! It’s only in later centuries that it became about “exceptional” ability. If we ignore that natural inclination, how can it ever become exceptional?

In the Disney movie “Encanto,” the Madrigal Familia has beautiful gifts and mucha magia, and there is much stress when Mirabel, one of the daughters, doesn’t get a gift. In the same way, many folks may be overly stressed and at a loss about what they “want to be when they grow up” at this time, no matter their age. 

I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but it highlights that we are all more than what we do. We are worthy as human beings rather than human “doing.” In other words, New Moon in Aquarius prods you to be, and in that being, you will know what is right for you!

While our society may assign the genius label to only the rich, famous, and much-awarded few, our indigenous societies believed that we all had gifts. 

We are interconnected to each other, mother earth (Pachamama) and the stars! No human being is a mistake and once we understand what powerful miracles every human is. Not only will we move with greater confidence to bravely create work opportunities that may not yet exist, but we will also demand and attain the reconstruction of our society aligned with humanitarian (aquarian) values and the transformation of systemic racism and patriarchy that, according to astrology, has completely outworn its position on the planet. 

How does this New Moon in Aquarius Affect You?

This New Moon is impacted by Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, so it’s not all, “Yay, I’m a genius, here I come!” It’s about affirming it and understanding that many of us may have talent but showing up, building skillsets, and practicing our gifts is what will make the difference in our personal and work lives. You’re rolling up your sleeves to work smarter, not harder!

You’re about to get more serious about what you want and take the actions needed to make it happen. With Mercury direct on the 3rd, it will be easy to breeze through meetings, projects, and your to-do list. 

Launch some programs if that is your thing, release e-books, and enroll in some conscious expanding courses. All things Mercury, whether it’s communication, short trips, social media expansion, or technology, are flowing with greater ease even in this shadow period and will be at their best by the end of February! 

Now that Venus is direct, you’ll be able to have the difficult conversations that you haven’t been able to have until now. For some, this may mean moving in together — finally! 

For others, it’s booking that marriage counselor, and yet for others, it’s facing what’s been put off for too long. It might even mean addressing that your relationship or marriage has run its course. Single folks make sure to gather with friends, also ruled by Aquarius, and keep the conversation flowing because you may be bumping into your next dating adventure! Sun Aquarius and those with Aquarius placements will feel this more powerfully, but it will affect all the signs.

Make the Most of This New Moon

Affirm Your Genius 

What do your friends always count on you for? What do colleagues at work love about you? Like in the movie “Encanto,” our genius and authentic magia cannot always be measured by physical strength, looks, or external expression. Most of us have gifts that hold our familias, communities, and lives together, but we overlook them as, ”that’s the way I’ve always been!” 

Exactly! Let’s stop overlooking our beautiful gifts of understanding, compassion, communication, and even humor. 

The more we embrace our being, the more we shine! New Moon in Aquarius says it’s time to stop comparing perfectionism and to start creating space for all humans to exist in their own ritmo y manera!

Release Clutter

Make some time for yourself and go through an area that has been cluttered. Play great music and make it fun. Be mindful and focused. This includes focusing on your underwear drawer — yes, that focused.

Now, go through and donate what you’re no longer using to the Salvation Army or a library. I usually hold objects close and say, “Thank you, I love you, good-bye.” Releasing items to have a life with someone else rather than sitting in a dusty corner rejuvenates energy all around! To bring in the new releasing, even a small amount of possessions can symbolize and mirror a bigger change of removing old habits, relationships, or behaviors that are more costumbre than real special or important to us.

Look at The Bigger Picture

Pull out some journals. Take a look at old photos of yourself. Sit with where you were two years ago, where you are, and where you want to be. Please don’t be super logical about this. For example, avoid thinkings like, “If I do two years here then I’ll get promoted” or “Do this to get noticed.” 

While it can be a good plan of action, let’s call in that magia energy and close your eyes, call in your well ancestors, Angels, and guides. Then, breathe deeply as you envision where you were, and where you are. Follow this by allowing your inner knowing to dream big! 

We often play by the rules taught to us, and we stay small. In this vision-making session, go as big as you can stand it! Is there a visual representation (image or word) of what living your genius full out would look or feel like? Create it digitally or create it physically and put it where you will see it every day!

Connect with Friends

The continued pandemic has put a damper on our outings, but where there is a will, there’s a way! Whether it’s a hike outdoors, picnic, or a zoom chisme catch-up call, it’s time to get back to our people.

Many folks have reported losing the habit of going out in the last two years, so if that’s you, take it slow but do it! As human beings, we cannot live on zoom alone, and even futuristic Aquarius loves to laugh and be surrounded by friends in real-time!

Acts of Service

Have the world’s issues upset you more than ever in the last two years? Upset, anger, and sadness fester and turn inward. Is there an organization that you can send some support to? Invest in a BIPOC small business? Buy from more BIPOC and Latinx-owned businesses

Aquarius lights up our humanitarian fervor, so take action — you can choose what feels right to you. While it may feel like a small contribution, you never know what your purchase, social media shout-out, investment, awareness-raising activities, or an afternoon cleaning up a park can do for your morale, your sense of community, and the Buena Vibra of the world!


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