Patience and Wisdom are Leading Us Into 2023 with the New Moon in Capricorn

Patience and Wisdom are Leading Us Into 2023 with the New Moon in Capricorn belatina latine

The New Moon in resilient Capricorn arrives on December 23 at 5:17 am ET with a planet full of supporting energies in the same sign; Mercury, Venus, and Pluto encourage us to end the year with focus and begin anew grounded in our highest goals and purpose.   

As we close out the year, we have the strength to deepen our patience and our will as we move with wisdom toward 2023.  

We are in full-on Winter as the Winter Solstice on December 21st, the longest night of the year, initiated us going inwards into the Northern hemisphere. Mercury, symbolizing our mental processes, Venus, our values and love, and Pluto, the planet of collective transformation, are all in Capricorn. They are reminding us to be steady in our ideals while allowing transformation to shape our goals in a form that will serve in an even greater way!  

It’s important to be vigilant in our communications at this time as Mercury, ruling technology and communication, goes into its final retrograde on December 28, 2022, until January 18. Also, Mars, the planet of action, is in Gemini (the messenger), and is retrograde as well. Though we may want to speak out the truth during family holiday gatherings, we may need to notice our triggers and communicate wisely at a later time. Many will be running into safe spaces to unburden themselves with trust-worthy friends before dealing with their holiday gatherings.   

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, left Pisces and re-entered Aries (warrior) on the 20th, allowing us to take the inspiration and creativity we may have received and begin to put it into action! While the end of the year slowdown may frustrate you, create your lists, send your emails, and prepare yourself to leap forward with your plans.  

Every month, the moon moves through different phases that reflect and inspire energies available to each and every one of us to potentialize our personal and collective evolution.   

The beauty of New Moons 

New Moons are a time of releasing the old and seeding the new.  

The sky is dark with vast potential and our intentions are apt to receive the energy they need to take root and grow! New Moons can be leveraged as reset points for certain storylines or phases in your life’s journey. Monthly, we get an opportunity to clear the space and set new intentions, and even course-correct on long-term projects or relationships.  

The gravitas of these planetary helpers allows us to review this year, and nurture our patience even if our nerves are a bit frayed from the year’s political battles, inflation, and both national and international human rights atrocities. It has not been an easy year and self-compassion and meditation practice may be the salve we need during these hectic holidays.  

Remember, to be kind to yourself, honor your boundaries, and take time for yourself. Whatever the holidays look like for you, make sure it supports your mental health and well-being.  

Sign by Sign New Moon Vibes  

Read the sun, moon, and rising sign in your natal chart to have a more complete perspective.  


This New Moon highlights your tenth house of career and reputation, inviting you to reinvigorate your career goals. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, is in Aries and adds extra fire and confidence to your already pioneering spirit! Know that you’ll be checking off even more boxes on your success list in 2023! Keep a lookout for new beginnings and allow yourself to dream en grande!  


Are you feeling good juju coming your way? Breathe and allow your inner knowing to inspire you to create a whole new way forward in 2023! This New Moon lands on your ninth house of spirituality, foreign travel, and wider horizons. Your spirit will continue to feel lighter and as you heed your alma, you’ll be booking a retreat, exploring new studies, and getting ready to thrive en el año nuevo!  


While you may still be deeply integrating the experiences of the last year, this New Moon in the eighth house of birth/death/rebirth and other people’s resources is setting you up for positive connections to help move you forward. Jupiter’s influence may send some emotional, economic, or mental support your way. As uncharacteristically internal as you may feel during this moon, stay open to opportunities that spotlight major goals and sueños!  


Love is in the air! This New Moon is activating your seventh house of relationships and marriage, sparking established relationships and making it possible for singles to meet someone that may turn into an important relationship. In the work sector, a new business partner or impactful mentor may enter your life. Keep your eyes open and let this moon spark your nurturing and collaborative heart as that will continue to open doors in 2023! 


It’s a perfect time to update routines and begin new self-care habits. This New Moon activates your sixth house of work, environment, and health. Take it a day at a time and stick to it long enough to see the benefits. New projects come your way. Remember to make space for play. It will make all the difference in 2023!  


You’re as practical and hard-working as they come and this New Moon, landing in your fifth house of pleasure, romance, and creativity, is shouting,” take time off!” This is an invitation to revive your current relationship and/or begin dating again. The more you give yourself space to meet and greet (not for work’s sake), the more joy, love, and wonder will find you. The stars give you full permission to relax because it’s all working in your favor!   


This lunation in your fourth house of family, ancestors, and home may inspire you to move in with a friend or partner or to a different location altogether! Remember to meditate on ancestral patterns that have kept you struggling and create a new way of living that serves you in this moment of your life. Have patience as moving and setting up a new home is also stressful. Jupiter adds healing to the changes in your home environment and you may experience more joy with family or your new home!   


As the moon moves through your third house of communication, short trips, and learning, you may be guided on a new educational path or make a connection that opens your mind to a new perspective! Be mindful of how you speak to yourself and remember that kindness starts with you. It’s a powerful time to speak up, share your thoughts, and relish in light exchanges and short trips!  


If you’ve been thinking about exploring a new job or investment opportunity, it may be the influence of this New Moon highlighting your second house of income, self-worth, and possessions! All things investment, financial assessment, and/or expanding your abundance are highlighted now. Stop looking around and seeing what others have accomplished and ask yourself, “what do I want to bring into being?” New Moons are all about the new, so shift your mindset and prepare to grow!  


Cap, this is your personal New Year and it’s highlighting your first house of identity and personal ambitions! Review your goals and who you are to others and to yourself. It’s a great time to reinvent yourself with a new career goal, professional makeover, or a time to spring for those new professional headshots. Stay in your lane, turn on the shine and watch this new moon get you noticed and remembered!  


This New Moon calls attention to time management and reconnecting with your body’s needs. You can push, push, push — but should you? The 12th house of solitude and rest is inviting you to say “no” more often and take care of yourself. Many of your visions and ideas will have the ability to manifest in 2023, so get meditating and get resting — you’ll be needing it more than you know, Aquarius!  


As loyal as you are, it may be time to assess your friendships as the New Moon lands on your 11th house of friendships, groups, as well as hopes, and dreams. New friends and supporters enter your life and there is more of a give-and-take, rather than you giving and giving. It’s time to be truthful with yourself and stop fighting to keep certain relationships alive. Lighten your load and welcome those who will enliven your spirit! 

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