New Study Says 6.5 Million Latinas Are In Danger After Roe v. Wade Overturn

New Study Says 6.5 Million Latinas Are In Danger After Roe v. Wade Overturn belatina latine

The overturn of Roe V. Wade impacted women of all ages and backgrounds. 

However, a new study explicitly shows the overturn of Roe V. Wade heavily impacted people of color. To be exact, an estimated 6.5 million Latinas from the ages of 15 to 49 that reportedly live in the 26 states where it is enforced are currently affected by this decision. 

“Anyone who is capable of getting pregnant at some point may need abortion care,” the director for reproductive health and rights at the National Partnership for Women & Families, Shaina Goodman, said in an interview. “The breakdown of the data is really about telling a story about who is harmed. It’s moms, it’s moms with young kids, it’s people who are struggling to make ends meet.” 

This decision affects Latinas with financial instability 

The study conducted by the National Partnership for Women & Families shows that financial reasons are at the forefront of the disparity. It reports how almost 3 million Latinas living in these states are not financially stable. 

Due to this economic instability, the analysis points out there are lower chances that women who need the medical procedure, don’t get abortion help because of travel costs. 

¿Imagínate? Thinking of all the women out there who don’t have access breaks my heart.

Language barrier is a factor too

According to the data, language barriers also affect those who live in states that have banned or are planning to ban abortions. The data indicates more than 1 million Latinas have reported they don’t speak English fluently (or at all). We can then only imagine even more complications due to not being able to communicate their needs to professionals.

The study’s conclusion

Among other statistics, the issue’s brief concluded that Latinas in Texas, Arizona, and Florida make up three-quarters of those in ban states. To further put this into context, Texas has 2.9 million Latinas of reproductive age, Arizona has 587,600 Latinas of reproductive age, and Florida has 1.4 million Latinas of reproductive age. Latinas in these states are the most affected. 

Point blank: Roe V. Wade’s overturn is impacting people of color – who are often in survival mode already.

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