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Independence Peru

Surprising Facts to Celebrate About Perú on its Independence

Perú: land of Machu Picchu and Cuzco, pre-Columbian treasures; of mountains so tall we require oxygen masks to combat altitude sickness; of Lima’s port-city...
BeLatina pachamama netflix

‘Pachamama:’ The Masterfully Animated Film About a Boy Who Wants to be a Shaman

As the comedian and author Greg Behrendt said, "Anything In life worth having comes from patience and hard work." That's exactly what happened to...
Helping others Belatina

Madre Mía: Unpacking the Divine Role of Mothers in Latin Culture

Every year, usually in the spring, a great number of cultures around the world take a day to celebrate their mothers. The same natural...
Laura Qetza Belatina

Redefining Hero Worship and the Nonstop Badassery of Artist Jorge Garza (aka Qetza)

We bet that you never imagined a world where Wonder Woman, Darth Vader and ancient Aztec warriors would all coexist in the same space....

Real Talk: Should We Just Stop Using the Word ‘Latinx?’

There’s been a lot of debate over the term Latinx. What exactly does it mean? How is it different from Latino or Hispanic? Is...
BayArea BookFest Belatina

5th Annual Bay Area Book Festival Brings in Strong Cast of Latinx Voices

The Bay Area Book Festival, which wrapped up over the weekend, was a two-day event that included hundreds of speakers and authors, pulling in...
Waorani Resistance Wins Rainforest

Amazonian Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Ecuadorian Government to Protect Their Land From Oil Companies

An indigenous community from the Ecuadorian Amazon just won a landmark case that protects their territory from being mined for oil by international entities....
Roma Awards Belatina

More Award Shows, More Wins for Cuarón’s Roma

Alfonso Cuarón’s semi-autobiographical film Roma maintained its award-winning momentum at Sunday’s 24th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. Roma left with four wins out of its...