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Quechua BELatina Latinx

Google Adds Quechua to Its Translator, Incorporating One of the Most Widely Spoken Indigenous...

Finally, technology has taken a step forward in democratizing its reach. Google Translate will now translate Quechua, one of the most widely spoken indigenous...
ConversemosCOVID BeLatina Latinx

NYU Initiative Helps Save Indigenous Languages From Extinction

While the world’s linguistic diversity is declining dramatically, communities and New York’s universities are fighting back with initiatives to keep indigenous languages alive during...
Indigenous Languages

Tuning In: How Radio Stations Are Reviving Indigenous Languages

Indigenous cultures are in danger of extinction as many of the elder members of those communities are getting older and everything from their traditions...

15 English Words Which Came From Indigenous Latin American Languages

Latinx influence is all around us in America, you just need to know where to look. We aren’t taught enough that our culture permeates...
Language indigenous communities BELatina Latinx

How Indigenous Communities Have Influenced Our Language

Our language bears witness to our history in the same way our bodies bear witness to our ancestry. While there may be traits whose...
Indigenous Languages COVID BeLatina Latinx

The Negative Implications of COVID and Indigenous People’s Language

Time and research continue to prove that minority groups have been the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Indigenous communities have had a...
Molly of Denali

Diving into Diversity: The Rise of Indigenous Characters on Kids’ Shows

Thanks to the work of diverse media creators the number of indigenous cartoon characters is on the rise. From PBS Kids to Netflix and...
quechua Indigenous peoples belatina

A Look at the Major Indigenous Cultures of 13 Latino Countries

Indigenous culture is an integral part of what it means to be Latino. Before the Europeans arrived to colonize what is now Latin America,...
Radionovelas BeLatina Latinx

The Return of the “Radionovelas,” A Bright Side of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the resurgence of one of the most important forms of entertainment in Latin America: radionovelas. In Colombia, this...
Feature Education Coco Belatina explore mexico

See and Being Seen: ‘Explore Mexico’ is a Kids Book About the Power...

I can remember when I was very little, those magical moments when I felt excited, curious, adventurous — all at once. It usually happened...

Grammy Winner Lila Downs On Tour for New Album ‘Al Chile’

Grammy award-winning musician Lila Downs is performing in the bay area at San Francisco Jazz Center for four nights, beginning this evening, touring her...
Latina Author Adria Cruz Tabor is Reclaiming Latino History Through ‘Love’s Rebirth: A Tejana Story’ belatina latine

Latina Author Adria Cruz Tabor is Reclaiming Latino History Through ‘Love’s Rebirth: A Tejana...

Inspired in part by the Southwest’s mixture of cultures, races, languages, and religions, the new fictional book “Love’s Rebirth: A Tejana Story” tells a...