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Dr. Erica Montes/ BELatina

Dr. Erica Montes Shares Tips on How Women Can Navigate Through Their Reproductive Health 

  According to Guttmacher, in 2011, nearly half of the 6.1 million pregnancies in the United States were unintended. This is a trend that remains....
Latinx food BELatina Latinx

Latinx Food Brands Creating Healthier Alternatives to Our Favorite Dishes

Food is a fundamental element in Latino culture. Latinx food is not only a source of energy and nutrients, but it is also a...
Physical mental individuality BELatina Latinx

Embracing Both Our Physical and Mental Individuality at Work

The days of being trapped inside a box are over — it's time to be free and loudly embrace our individuality, especially in the...
Gemini Season

Gemini Season 2020: Spiritual Coach Spreads the Tarot to Reveal Love, Health, Family, and...

Happy Birthday, Gemini! It is time for the third astrological sign in the zodiac to shine, even though the world is going through hard...

Are Sound Baths Really Beneficial to Our Mental and Physical Well-Being?

If taking better care of yourself is on your list of resolutions, or perhaps self-care is an overarching goal that you're finally paying attention...
Health Care BELatina

Help Your Spanish-Speaking Family Member Enroll in a Health Insurance Plan

Don´t let language gaps or economic fears become barriers to protecting your family´s health. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act it´s not only easier and more...
Water EPA Obama BELatina

EPA Chooses Interests of Industry Polluters Over Health of Americans in Rollback of Water...

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a disturbing rollback of Obama Era federal regulations that have helped to preserve the quality and safety...
September 11 Terrorism

Looking Back: How a Post 9/11 New York Has Fundamentally Changed

We can never forget the day our innocence was taken, not just New York City’s but the nation as a whole lost its sense...
Friends supporting Friends Belatina

Here’s Why Your Homegirl is Actually Good for Your Health

We all know the typical steps we need to take in order to be healthy: eat well (balanced meals, lots of protein and veggies,...

Why Are Women’s Health Issues Always on the Backburner of Medical Attention?

It’s no secret that being a woman in today’s world comes with a unique set of difficulties, obstacles, and disparities. We are not treated...
Toxic Workplace Bad Boss Belatina

Is Having a Bad Boss Bad for Your Health?

According to Brigette Hyacinth, bestselling author of Purpose Driven Leadership: Building and Fostering Effective Teams, and an International Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Management, HR,...
Immigration Policy Erin Hagen BeLatina

Immigration Policy Can Get Under Your Skin: the Impact of Immigration Laws and Regulations...

Commentary By Dr. Erin Hagan, PhD, MBA, Deputy Director, Evidence for Action With over 44.5 million immigrants residing in the United States, we cannot overlook...