BELatina and UnitedHealthcare Join Forces for Latino Health

BELatina and UnitedHealthcare Join Forces for Latino Health

In a recent episode of BELatina, host Karent Sierra was joined by UnitedHealthcare Chief Medical Officer, Mayrene Hernandez to discuss the importance of mental and physical health within Latino communities and supporting loved ones on their health journeys. 

Dr. Hernandez shared insights of UnitedHealthcare’s dedication to educating and empowering the Latino community around their unique health care needs. They discussed two chronic conditions — liver disease and diabetes — Latino communities see higher prevalence of compared to non-Latino whites. Dr. Hernandez also stressed the importance of taking care of your health, especially for Latina women who often serve as the family’s health caretakers. 

“I think what’s important is that we prioritize our prevention and our own health first,” Dr. Hernandez tells Karent. “We can’t take care of others if we’re not taking care of ourselves.”  

Real Medical Information for Real Latino Families

The conversation also featured a Latino family dealing with a variety health issues. One family member, Steffany Garcia, expressed concerns for her family’s health and emphasized the need for education in the Latino community. Her journey with breast cancer highlighted the significance of early detection. 

Dr. Hernandez discussed the importance of preventive care and pointed out the recommended age for mammograms has been lowered to 40.  

Steffany’s father spoke about his own health concerns too. He shared how he reduced his diabetes risk through small, behavior changes like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Steffany’s mother spoke about the importance of families being there for each other by first taking care of their own health — all things Dr. Hernandez encouraged.  

The discussion underscored the importance of health as the foundation for taking care of one’s family. Overall, UnitedHealthcare’s commitment to educating and empowering the Latino community in managing their health was the theme of the episode – and this is a breath of fresh air. We still live in a society where Latinos are often overlooked, especially in the medical world. So, if you are looking for resources and other information that may benefit your health or the health of a loved one, visit 

This episode of BELatina serves as a valuable resource for understanding and addressing health challenges within the Latino community and emphasizes how health is indeed our greatest wealth.  

It’s true what they say: UnitedHealthcare esta contigo en lo que importa. 

Make sure you catch the episode on Lifetime! 

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