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Daughters to work BELatina

How to Celebrate Take Your Daughter To Work Day…When You’re Working From Home

Every year during the month of April we celebrate Take Your Daughter To Work Day; it's a day to honor the future female workers...
Belatina protestors un-policed

Law Enforcement Must Be Too Busy Policing POC to Stop Swastikas and Alt-Right Gatherings

Any essential work involving physical contact during the coronavirus pandemic is nothing short of commendable. From drivers and cashiers, to law enforcement and healthcare workers,...
Women Supporting Women BELatins

Stronger Together: How Marginalized Business Communities Are Doubling Down to Lift Each Other Up

These days, in the face of a global pandemic that is rocking our country and our world to its core, you're probably hearing a...
SAAM BELatina Latinx sexual violence

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: How Communities Can Prevent Abuse and Harassment

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), the leading nonprofit in providing information and...
Red Cross BELatina Latinx

Giving Back When It Matters Most: How to Help on Red Cross Giving Day...

On any average year, it’s essential for those who can to give back and help others in need. March 25th is a day to...
BELatina Latinx Know your worth

Know Your Worth: Why Women Should Talk Openly About Salaries

They say that a few topics are always off limits at the dinner table, namely money, politics, and religion. And at work, a similar...
Postal workers BELatina

Thank a Mail Carrier Day: Why the Post Office Is a Critical Institution for...

Today, February 4th, is Thank a Mail Carrier Day, and it's an opportunity to show respect, appreciation, acknowledgment, and general kindness towards the mail...
latina paygap Belatina

Latina Pay Day 2020: Fifty Years After the Passage of the Equal Pay Act...

Yes, November is many months away, but it is never too early to talk about what is fair. Every November we remember how every Latina...
Mama Tingo BELatina

Mama Tingo: The Black Dominicana Revolutionary You Should Know

Mama Tingo was born Florinda Muñoz Soriano in the Dominican Republic on November 8th, 1921. Despite almost being rendered a footnote in history, Mama...

20 Holiday Gifts That Will Fit Your Budget

Sticking to a budget during the holidays can be challenging, especially if you have a big family, lots of friends, and your coworkers are...
Firefighters Cal Fire Inmate

Inmate Firefighters Are Forbidden from Becoming Firefighters Outside of California Prison System

Last Monday, approximately 700 inmate firefighters were called forth to help control wildfires in Northern California alongside Cal Fire and local firefighting crews. Inmate...
College Majors BeLatina

College Majors that are Poised to Lead the Resistance

For many years, even when I was very young, I dreamed of going to college in the United States, to get a liberal arts...