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Grammy-Nominated Bebe Rexha to Body-Shaming Designers: “We are Beautiful Any Size!”

Bebe Rexha, who is up for two Grammy awards next month, was justifiably hurt and infuriated that designers had turned down the opportunity to...

How to Raise a Woke Baby: An Interview with Mahogany Browne

Being a parent in today’s world comes with its own unique set of complications and tough choices. It’s not enough to simply raise your...

The Rent Is Too Damn High: One Reason Why Today’s America Needed Rent Live

Sunday night’s Fox production of Rent Live has been described by sympathetic critics as a disappointment: the network mostly aired a pre-recorded dress rehearsal...

Light on the Meat: A Diet Healthy for the Planet and Its Humans

Last week, the Lancet health journal published a report that suggested a global dietary overhaul is necessary to ensure the health of the planet...

13 Reasons Why Mia Mingus is the Kind of Feminist Everyone Loves

Meet Mia Mingus: She identifies as a queer, physically disabled, Korean woman, transracial, and transnational adoptee. It’s a mouthful, and if it is a...

Juan Guaidó, Opposition Leader Takes Oath as Interim President of Venezuela

Juan Guaidó, the head of Venezuela’s parliament, took a presidential oath of office in front of a crowd of anti-Maduro protesters on Wednesday afternoon....
Milk and Honey Natural BeLatina

How to Navigate the Sudden Onslaught of Natural Deodorants on the Market

In the world of body odor and personal hygiene, going au natural is a really nice idea, but you have to do it right....
Covington High Washington DC BeLatina

Contemplation and Positivity to Process Covington Catholic and Indigenous Peoples’ Encounter

Update: in the time since this story broke, a private detective agency brought on board by the diocese that oversees Kentucky's Covington Catholic High...
Sharice Jones Congress

Here’s Why Sharice Davids is the Political Hero This Country Desperately Needs

After an election cycle that witnessed a shift in favor of gender equality in Congress and governorships, Sharice Davids, the Democratic Representative for the...

Health Tripping: The Rise of Psychedelics in Modern Medicine

Research, past and present, has demonstrated psychedelics Research, past and present, has demonstrated psychedelics’ unique capacity to treat mental health conditions. However, psychedelics are considered...
Green Jobs AOC BeLatina

Green New Deal 101: A Primer on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Bold Platform of Change

In November 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied with 150 young climate activists outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office to represent the Green New Deal in a...
How to Budget BeLatina

This Federal Shutdown Should Have You Thinking About Building a Personal Emergency Fund

With the government shutdown going into its 26th day over the Trump administration’s crusade to fund a border wall — at this point, over...