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Health Tripping: The Rise of Psychedelics in Modern Medicine

Research, past and present, has demonstrated psychedelics Research, past and present, has demonstrated psychedelics’ unique capacity to treat mental health conditions. However, psychedelics are considered...
Green Jobs AOC BeLatina

Green New Deal 101: A Primer on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Bold Platform of Change

In November 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied with 150 young climate activists outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office to represent the Green New Deal in a...
How to Budget BeLatina

This Federal Shutdown Should Have You Thinking About Building a Personal Emergency Fund

With the government shutdown going into its 26th day over the Trump administration’s crusade to fund a border wall — at this point, over...
Neti Pot Belatina

How Not to Get a Brain-Eating Infection from Your Neti Pot this Winter

Cold and flu season is upon us, and with temperatures fluctuating, several months of winter weather ahead of us and germs spreading rapidly, it’s...
Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., are seen during a new leg of their travel in Esquipulas BeLatina border writers

Latest Migrant Caravan Scheduled to Leave Honduras Early This Morning

Only a couple days after his Presidential Address President Trump addressed this past Thursday’s news of the latest migrant caravan, which left San Pedro...

Grain-Free but Soulful: Meet the Garza Family, Owners Siete Foods

For carb-lovers the notion of going grain-free can seem like an overwhelming and painful undertaking. But if you suffer from gluten intolerance or other...
Family Dysfunction

The Subtle Art of Self-Preservation: How to Cope with Toxic Family Dysfunction

There’s no such thing as a perfect family, a family in which everything is love, support, kindness, and fun. Of course, there are families...
Elizabeth Vilchis LatinoTech Founder BeLatina

Here’s Why It Matters That Undocumented Elizabeth Vilchis Started a Tech Company for Latinos

You’ve heard a lot about undocumented immigrants in recent years. The current immigration crisis happening at our border is heartbreaking, and the family separations...
AZ Woman Incapicitated gives birth Belatina

Incapacitated Rape Victim Identified as Member of Apache Tribe

Investigators are currently in the process of collecting DNA samples from all male staff members who are employed by Hacienda HealthCare in order to...
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Recovering Photo Credit The Lily belatina

Justice Ginsburg Still Home After Surgery, White House in Prep Mode

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed three consecutive days of oral arguments with her peers over a two-week session that began this past...
Photo Carlos Giusti Opioid Crisis Puerto Rico BeLatina

Assessing the Long-Term Damage of Hurricane Maria: An Increase in Opioid Overdoses and Fatalities

The uptick in opioid deaths in Puerto Rico is a longer-term consequence of the damage wrought upon Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, which struck...
Detention Deaths Immigration

Taking Stock of All Immigrant Deaths in Detention Centers

Death in Detention While the death of a child at the border brings particular public scrutiny to the federal government’s handling of immigration, the sober...