Peso Pluma Cancels Performance in Viña del Mar Festival and Latin American Tour Due to ‘Personal Reasons’  

Peso Pluma Triumphs Over Controversy and Secures Spot at the Viña del Mar Music Festival 
Credit: Instagram/ Screenshot/ @PesoPluma

As the year unfolds, one of the hottest artists at the moment, Peso Pluma, finds himself engulfed in a storm of personal turmoil that has led to the cancellation of his Latin American tour, including his highly anticipated performance at the internationally renowned Viña del Mar Festival in Chile. 

Previously embroiled in controversies ranging from threats by Mexican cartels to allegations of infidelity, Peso Pluma’s recent struggles seem to have reached a boiling point, prompting concerns about his well-being. Maybe he should try putting some Vick’s Vapor Rub on his life because it’s looking rough.  

The organizers of the Viña del Mar Festival officially announced the cancellation of his tour. In a statement, they expressed regret over the situation, emphasizing the festival’s commitment to prioritizing the integrity of all participants. 

“The production of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2024 informs that the artist Peso Pluma communicated that he will not be able to perform at the event on March 1, as planned. According to the information provided by his team, the artist will cancel his entire tour in Latin America, including the Viña del Mar Festival,” a portion of the note stated. The message was shared by Viña del Mar’s social media accounts. 

Peso Pluma Cancels Performance in Viña del Mar Festival and Latin American Tour Due to ‘Personal Reasons’  

Hours before the festival’s announcement, Peso Pluma’s representatives had already taken to social media to notify fans of the tour’s cancellation, citing “personal reasons.” The abrupt decision left concertgoers disappointed. 

No Peso Pluma – Now What?

Originally slated as the festival’s headliner, Maria Becerra will now replace Peso Pluma. Also, Argentine singer Trueno was added to the event sparking speculation among fans regarding the true reasons behind the Mexican artist’s departure. Rumors of a love triangle involving Peso Pluma, Trueno, and Nicki Nicole have only fueled the fire. 

Peso Pluma’s sudden withdrawal from the spotlight raises a lot of questions. We wish the Doble P the best and that he can rise from whatever personal hurdle he’s experiencing soon.  

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