Pluto TV Latino Has Free, Streaming, Spanish-Language Television For Your Endless Viewing Pleasure

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Pluto TV, the sizable online television platform owned by mega media company Viacom, just stepped up to the plate of streaming services by offering inclusive programming through their channels on Pluto TV Latino. As of the beginning of this month, you can now watch over 11 channels of programming catered to a Latinx audience, consisting of both dubbed and in-language media. 

Pluto TV Latino currently hosts channels that altogether carry over 2,000 hours of Spanish and Portuguese programming, including channels like Telenovelas Clásicas, Pluto TV Brasil, and Lucha Libre. Additionally, the lineup features popular Viacom-owned cable stations like MTV Latino and Comedy Central Latino. The platform also has Spanish- and Portuguese-language movies — a majority are films produced by Paramount Pictures — available for you to stream on demand. 

If you haven’t heard of Pluto TV, it’s basically a streaming platform that is one part on-demand media and one part “live” channels, with set schedules of programming throughout the day. Tuning in to Pluto TV is essentially free, as long as you have access to an Internet connection. The platform is an ad-sponsored service, so you’ll just have to sit through commercials every now and then. Its overall programming is a relatively good cross-section of what you might get through a conventional cable subscription. But, again, it’s free of charge. 

Pluto TV Latino has been the platform’s most comprehensive push toward amassing a bigger viewership this year. Ever since Viacom purchased Pluto TV at the beginning of the year for $340 million, the company has been aggressively expanding its offerings in other genres as well, with new additions like British channels and “Christmas in July” (the latter of which is scarily exactly what it sounds like: all Christmas, all the time). While the platform is currently only available in the U.S., the company has announced that at the beginning of 2020 it will be launching its offerings in Latin America and beyond. 

Pluto TV Latino is expanding as streaming platforms like Netflix boast of their Spanish-language portfolios. Networks like HBO Latin America and HBO España also have dozens of original productions in the pipeline, indicating that more conventional networks are looking to reach larger audiences. “We’re building production in Latin America. At the beginning, it was difficult to find partners to work with us. Now it’s the other way round,” said HBO Latin America’s Roberto Rios last month at Conecta Fiction, emphasizing the way that the production landscape has changed and allowed Latin American programming to become way more accessible and mainstream, consumed by international audiences.

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