Poderistas Launches New Campaign to Mobilize Latina Voters

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Image courtesy of BELatina.

Amidst so much chaos and aggressive policies against our community, the secret weapon to guarantee our rights continues to be the vote of the Latino community — especially Latinas.

This is clear to the Poderistas community, a coalition of activists and leaders that is elevating the power and leadership of Latinas.

Ahead of the midterm elections, Poderistas has launched its Voice + Action = Poder Vote 2022 campaign to motivate, inform and mobilize Latina voters, one of the fastest-growing voting blocs in the country.

As the organization explained in a press release, Poderistas is working to continue building momentum after breaking voter turnout records among the Latino community in the 2020 presidential election.

The Voice + Action = Poder campaign will elevate actionable and accurate resources and information about voting and civic engagement, making it easier for voters and organizers to own their power this year.

The initiative will run for five months and begins with the launch of the Poder Portal, which will serve as a comprehensive resource for voters. The portal will be an educational tool specifically tailored to Latina voters.

“Latina voters turned out in record numbers in 2020, which is a feat we are so proud of, but we can’t stop there,” said Poderistas co-founder, activist, actress, producer, and director Eva Longoria. “This year’s midterm elections are incredibly consequential — for many of us, this election cycle could be one of our last chances at protecting our most foundational freedoms. We need Latina voters everywhere to come together and join Poderistas in taking action – let’s use our power to make sure all our voices are heard at the ballot box. When we vote and bring everyone along with us, we can make the change we urgently need in our communities.”

In addition to the portal, which includes bilingual resources, Poderistas will host a series of events and activations and share actionable, clear content that will build momentum and help Latina voters use their voice during the midterm elections.

“We know where our community stands – Poderistas are informed, engaged, and excited to get more involved. Voice + Action = Poder is all about meeting our community where they are at and helping them own the power they already have,” said Charlotte Castillo, Managing Director of Poderistas. 

“So you’ve voted in every presidential election? Great. But what about the midterms? So you’re registered to vote? Great. But what about your mom? Your aunts and your cousins?” Castillo continued. “In this election cycle, there are 34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats up for election at a national level, along with critical seats up and down the ballot in every county, city, and state across the country. We’ve seen how deeply state and local politics can impact our day-to-day lives – sometimes seemingly overnight – so we need to take this opportunity to stand up and show up at the ballot box this year. We are stronger when we move together!”

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