Puerto Rican Singer GALE Releases Her Honest New Single, ‘Inmadura’

GALE BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of GALE.

It has happened to all of us; we end a relationship, and we are expected to take it with maturity, dignity, and know how to say goodbye. The truth is that sometimes the pain is not so easy to bear. Just ask GALE.

The Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, producer, and musician has put our experience on chords with her new single “Inmadura,” the breakup anthem of the year.

“Inmadura” highlights GALE’s unmistakably empowered and rebellious voice while paying homage to her Puerto Rican roots. Written by GALE with Dani Blau and Vibarco, co-produced by DallasK, and Josh Berrios on production, and recorded at Miami’s iconic Criteria Recording Studios, it is a song that unifies the complexity of real-life moments presented through emotion, with powerful pop melodies and nuances of urban sounds.

The lyrics tell the story of a young woman who is going through a breakup and knows that she is being immature but is sensitive enough to know that she needs an emotional release and to go out partying with friends: “Que me digan inmadura, ya sé, va una semana que no llego a la casa, no me lo digas ya sé que estoy borracha.” (Let them call me immature, I know. It’s been a week since I’ve gone home. Don’t tell me, I know I’m drunk).

In the video for “Inmadura,” we are introduced to GALE’s assertive personality, style and edge. The visuals contrast the seriousness of her feelings with her passionate need to move forward with a relationship in the company of friends, strangers, and alcohol.

“It describes that phase of the breakup that focuses on denial of what is happening, even if it was you who made the decision to end things,” the artist said in a press release. “It stems specifically from seeking to understand that the relationship is over, but you are not ready to accept it. You come to realize that it will take time to get that love out of your heart.”

While this isn’t the first we’ve heard from GALE — she’s previously worked for artists like Christina Aguilera, Anitta, Shakira, and Cardi B, to name a few — this is her first release as a solo artist.

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