Rosalía Confronts JC Reyes for Violent Act of Sexual Exploitation Through Photoshopped Images

Rosalía Confronts JC Reyes for Violent Act of Sexual Exploitation Through Photoshopped Images
Credit: By Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México -, CC BY 2.0

In a courageous act of defiance, Rosalía, the internationally acclaimed Spanish singer, has taken a bold stand against the disturbing actions of Spanish rapper JC Reyes, who engaged in an act of violence and sexual exploitation by creating and sharing photoshopped images of her.  

According to Rolling Stone’s report, Rosalía recently discovered manipulated images of herself that were intended to objectify and sexualize her. These actions go beyond mere insensitivity or artistic expression; they represent a violent violation of her autonomy and exploitation of her image. His ill-intent was evident from the get-go; he even tagged Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía’s fiancé, on his Rosalía posts. Reyes also hinted at dropping a new song named “Rosalía” soon. The question is: Who looks forward to new music from this Spanish artist?   

Rosalía expressed her deep disappointment and outrage over the incident through a tweet. She denounced JC Reyes’ actions as a clear example of the harmful sexualization and objectification that women often face in the music industry. By labeling his behavior as an act of violence, Rosalía highlights the gravity of the situation and brings attention to the broader issue of exploitation within the industry.  

How is this wrong?

Sexual exploitation refers to the act of using someone’s sexuality or sexual attributes for personal gain, often without their consent or against their will. It involves various forms of abuse, such as coercing, manipulating, or forcing individuals into engaging in sexual activities or behaviors against their wishes. This can include actions such as non-consensual pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, or any other form of sexual abuse for economic or personal gain. By JC Reyes photoshopping Rosalía’s face onto a nude photo, he’s violated her rights as a human being.  It is important to remember that sexual exploitation is an act of violence and can cause significant physical, emotional, and psychological harm to the victims.  

This terrible situation also lends itself to talking about the dangers of deep fakes. Nowadays, with the advanced technology of AI techniques, people are more at risk of harm. After all, we live in a world where media can be manipulated and generate highly realistic and convincing fake content by swapping faces, altering expressions, and more. It’s worrisome, to say the least. One can argue that what JC Reyes did is an example of a deep fake.   

Rosalía’s response was met with support

Rosalía’s response, however, serves as a powerful call to action, demanding accountability and change. She refuses to accept the dehumanization of women for the sake of entertainment, and she challenges the industry to recognize and rectify its complicity in perpetuating these harmful practices.  

Thankfully, people have shown support for Rosalía. Her fans and anyone who understands that women, from all walks of life, must be respected are pushing against JC Reyes’ atrocious use of social media.   

This is what some people are saying:   

It is crucial for the music industry and society to understand that the manipulation and sexual exploitation of individuals, particularly women, is an act of violence. By raising awareness and speaking out against JC Reyes’ actions, Rosalía shines a light on the urgent need for a cultural shift toward respect, consent, and equality. But, overall, respect.   

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