Russian Artist Accuses Karol G of Plagiarism with Her Song ‘Contigo’  

Russian Artist Accuses Karol G of Plagiarism with Her Song ‘Contigo’  
Credit: TikTok

Mila Voyna, a Russian-born artist, has pointed fingers at Karol G, accusing her of plagiarizing one of her songs.   

Through a viral video circulating on social media, the singer raised concerns about the alleged resemblance between “Contigo,” Karol G’s latest musical release with “Tiesto,” and “Pégate,” a song that, according to Mila, was released two years ago. 

Karol G and Tiesto’s “Contigo” video has already garnered millions of views on YouTube since its release. Now, according to this Russian-Latin singer, Karol G’s song ‘Contigo’ has the same melody as my song ‘Pégate,’ released in 2022.  

“I wonder, was it a sample, was it plagiarism?” says Voyna in her viral video. She even claims that the entire song “has the same transitions and changes with the same melody.” 

In her post, the artist demanded explanations for the striking similarities she perceives between both songs. While expressing her admiration for the Colombian artist, she made it clear that “work is work,” inviting internet users to listen to both songs and share their opinions on the alleged plagiarism.  

Following the singer’s statements, social media exploded with commentary. Several users reminded the Russian artist that “Contigo” adapts the chorus of “Bleeding Love,” the single released by Leona Lewis in 2007. 

Behind Karol G’s ‘Contigo’

On February 14th, in addition to celebrating her birthday, the Colombian singer seized the opportunity to release the video for her new song, featuring Puerto Rican artist Young Miko. This marks Karol G’s third collaboration with DJ Tiesto, following “Don’t Be Shy” (2021) and “Provenza” (Remix). This latest success blends rhythmic pop with electronic dance music, showcasing a new facet of “La Bichota” in the music industry. 

Karol G’s new song comes after her concert tour across Latin America, “Mañana Será Más Bonito,” and hot on the heels of winning her first Anglo Grammy for Best Urban Music Album. 

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