Unbelievable Ways to Save Money While Traveling Around Australia

Doing a long-trip to Australia can be challenging on a budget, but there are many tips and tricks for saving money. 

6Fly During Their Peak Season

train route Australia

Spring and Fall are shoulder seasons in Australia — a travel period between peak and off-peak seasons. Summer is the peak season (December-February) therefore, these months are more expensive. 

Travel by Bus or Train

Look for places you can avoid flying, as it is almost always cheaper to travel by bus or train rather than flying. Greyhound Australia offers lots of deals and cheaper tickets, as opposed to renting a car. Also, some cities have deals on travel passes for multiple days and even weeks.

Choose the areas you want to visit in advance. Australia is big so you may not cover it all. You always need to research what you would like to see and figure out the easiest routes for moving from one place to the next.