Scorpio Season is Upon Us: Here’s the Lowdown

BELatina Scorpio Season

Scorpio season will have you feeling CrazySexyCool as if you were a member of the Hip Hop trio, TLC. Expect a whole lot of drama, literal sex, and a newfound sense of identity come Oct 23 through Nov 22.

You don’t have to be an actual Scorpio sun sign or have any Scorpio placements within your personal natal chart in order to be influenced by the water sign this Scorpio season. Everyone will be picking up on the emo vibes, which could potentially make you more self-aware of your personal needs. This is where your newfound sense of identity comes in! 

Understand that this will be a time of heightened sensitivity, most especially through communication. Watch those risky emails and texts because you may feel the urge to say exactly what is on your mind without reconsidering the possible repercussions. Calm and collected is the motto to keep in mind when working with and not against this intense energy. 

In Your Feelings

You might notice yourself becoming overly emotional during this time due to the heavy water influence from this astrological sign. Not sure if you’re overreacting or just reconnecting with your emotions? Go deep this Scorpio season. This is a sign of radical transformation. Known for its ability to manifest deaths and rebirths in a metaphorical sense, you can expect some drastic changes to occur in your life. It is highly encouraged to explore the depths of all and any feelings that might arise for you during this time. Scorpio’s shadow energy will allow old wounds to re-submerge so that there can be an opportunity for healing to be expressed. 

Being conscious of applying the practice of empathy towards others during this delicate astrological season will likely steer you clear of any potential situations that might result in dramatic encounters. Here’s where the diplomacy from Libra season comes in – if you can remember to think twice before snapping those fingers and letting any sharp words roll off your tongue. The cosmic task? Speaking your truth with grace. 

Perception is Everything

Upheaval or transformation? Likely a bit of both. However, your perception will ultimately dictate how you view your circumstances this Scorpio season. There will be moments of what may seem like “everything is crashing down on me.” However, the experience can end up becoming your biggest catalyst towards empowerment. 

Meanwhile, Neptune is hanging out lethargically in the sign of Pisces, which can add a sense of sadness and a pessimistic outlook. Working past low vibrating energies of anger, depressing and fear will test many. The key to easing the discomfort during a transformation this Scorpio season? Surrender. Surrender to the fact that through your darkest moments you can enhance your inner light. This could be a breakthrough for a new foundation in your life. 

Self-Love, Sex, Intimacy and Everything in Between 

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house, representative of the occult, taboo subjects, and sex. It’s also noteworthy to mention its planetary rulers of Mars and Pluto, which add heavy passion and power struggles to the mix. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s an added sense of charisma and magnetism that you can tap into during this time. Expect your aura to be naturally inclined towards exhibiting some confident and flirty tendencies. You could work up the courage to realize that you aren’t afraid to ask out that person you’ve been eyeing because rejection doesn’t make you any less worthy. Better yet, you could realize you’re completely content with filling up your own cup and don’t need to rely on any codependency in order to practice self-love courtesy of Scorpio’s positive authoritative aspects. 

If you’re feeling extra seductive, don’t be surprised. Responsible sensuality is encouraged, and this influence can lead to sexual liberation. Sex is normally a taboo subject, yet, expect much exploration in this area to come this Scorpio season. As a result, healthy discussions between you and your significant other around your deepest intimate desires can occur. This will be a time to try out new things and spice up your romantic life. 

Career Changes and Your Life Mission

Expect career and finances to be a top priority during this time. There could be possibilities to transition into new fields of work due to sudden endings. This doesn’t mean your employer is going to fire you come Monday. Instead, this is a cosmic gateway for you to do an internal checklist of whether you feel your current career is in alignment with your vision for the future. Therefore, you could find yourself finally deciding to leave your job and go back to school to study something completely different. Your hidden desires for fulfillment are going to be a top priority along with having the foresight to envision how that weaves into your current reality. Some changes in career can be as minor as moving departments or being promoted. Either way, success is yours. 

May you manifest wisely this Scorpio season. 

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