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Anibal Santana Merced BELatina

Meet Anibal Santana Merced: From Ex-Convict to An Unrecognizable Life

Imagine living a life where you’re being threatened every second. In this life, everyone is meant to fend for themselves. Walking through this life...
Ana de Armas BELatina

Ana De Armas’ Fantastic Leap of Faith in Knives Out

Rian Johnson has decided to give a new twist to his work as a director, this time through the investigation of a mysterious murder,...
Books Coco Theme Pixar BELatina

Cultural Representation Goes Multimedia Via Films Like ‘Coco’

There is a before and after Coco. The movie that broke records and put cultural representation back on the map is an example of...
cultural representation Miguel Coco Movie BELatina

The ‘Coco’ Effect: Raising Awareness Around Cultural Representation

When cultural theorist Stuart Hall cultivated the concept of cultural representation, he probably knew that advocating for the depiction of gender, race, and ethnicity...
Jharrel Jerome Korey Wise BELatina

Can We Talk About Jharrel Jerome’s Emmy Win for Best Actor?

Afro-Dominican actor Jharrel Jerome made history at least three times over at the 2019 Primetime Emmy’s when he took home the award for “Outstanding...
BElatina Feminism

Despite All the Racist Nonsense, Our People Are Still the Nation’s Elemental Growth Variable

Over the past few years, the Latinx community has had to contend with an endless barrage of racist national policies, eye-popping new laws stacked...
aúl juliá Feature BELatina

Tune in Tomorrow Night! American Masters and VOCES present ‘Raúl Juliá: The World’s a...

Whether you grew up a child of the 90s obsessed with The Addams Family and thrilled to finally have an excuse to dress up...
Eva longoria flamin hot cheetos

We’re Not Kidding: Eva Longoria is Directing a Biopic about the Janitor Who Invented...

Eva Longoria has landed the irresistible role of director for the upcoming biopic, Flamin’ Hot, a film that shares the name of the junk...

Money Moves: How Latina Women Increasingly Inform Our Nation’s Economy

The pay gap between men and women still exists in the United States. From minimum wage to maximum return jobs, whether it’s a hidden...

15 Latinas Who I Would LOVE to Call Madame President

As we get closer and closer to the 2020 Presidential Elections — only about a year and a half to go, but who’s counting?...

Rico Suave: The Actors Who Started and Continued the Latin Lover Stereotype

You could probably say that the idea of the Latin lover started with legendary Italian lothario Giacomo Casanova. But Hollywood has taken the notion...

12 Assumptions People Make When They Learn You’re Latine

A stereotype is a preconceived notion about a group of people. It takes the experience of a few (or even many), and applies it...