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BELatina Native Spectrum Latinx

Sonny Skyhawk and Jaime Gomez Join Forces to Retrieve Native American and Latinx Folklore

For Sonny Skyhawk (Young guns II, Nightbeasts) and Jaime Gomez (Nash Bridges), it's time to bring Native American stories to the big screen. Both...
Baker and the beauty BELatina latinx

Newest Prime Time Latin Explosion: The Baker and the Beauty

Growing up in a place like New York City has its advantages. Neighborhood family bodegas and bakeries frequented as kids are reminiscent of childhood...
Sofia Vergara Modern Family BELatina

Modern Family Is Coming to An End, but Sofia Vergara’s Legacy Will Persist for...

Long before the AOC phenomenon, long before the birth of neologisms like "Latinx," and even before platforms like Netflix opened the door to an...
glaudi johana hernandez BELatina

Meet Johana Hernández, the Latina Fashion Designer Who’s Making Safety Masks in the Midst...

In times of crisis, any help counts. This seems to have been understood by citizens worldwide who, between virtual campaigns and applauses from the balconies,...
Not Latina enough BELatina Latinx

How to Be Latino Enough: Embracing Your Unique Latinx Identity

While Cher once proclaimed she was strong enough, it’s alright to admit we may not feel Latinx enough at times, especially in the eyes...

The ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival Is Ready to Elevate Emerging Latino Voices

A new online film festival is responding directly to lack of Latinx representation in the film industry by offering young, emerging filmmakers the opportunity...
Jharrel Belatina Afro-Latinx

A Hot List of Our Favorite Afro-Latinx Celebs

Whether it is an athlete, a singer, an actor, or even an activist or politician, it is extremely hard to put together a list...
The Latinx House Sundance BELatina

The Latinx House Took Over Sundance to Change the Rules of the Game

The struggle for the fair representation of the Latino community on the small and big screen has conquered new territory, after the Sundance Film...
Latinx racism BELatina

Our Community’s Colorism on Blast: Anti-Black Racism from High-Profile Latinas

Racism has never just been a white person´s problem. While many of us have clenched our teeth at some of our own Latino family...
casa de papel BELatina Netflix

How Netflix Managed to Break Down the Wall and Take Over the Latino Market

Understanding the Latino community as a profoundly heterogeneous group is no easy task, much less understanding its priorities when it comes to entertainment. Often subject...
Party of five reboot BELatina

The New Party of Five: A 90 s TV Reboot Gets a Timely Twist

If you were a child of the 90s, chances are you remember crying week after week watching Party of Five as the Salinger family...
gloria calderon kellett belatina

Gloria Calderón Kellett on One Day At A Time’s Political Traits: ‘We really just...

The Personal is Political, said the famous slogan of the second wave of feminism during the 1960s. Also interpreted as The Private is Political,...