Shakira Makes Her Debut on WhatsApp Channels Ahead of the Latin Grammys

Shakira's Inspiring Acceptance Speech at Premios Juventud 2023 Leaves Audience Feeling Empowered
Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wiki Commons

According to recent research, Latinos are the ones who use WhatsApp the most. With over 46 percent of its users coming from the Latino community, it makes sense to get our favorite celebrities to join WhatsApp’s latest feature: WhatsApp Channels. Bad Bunny joined a few weeks ago, and now Shakira is following suit.  

The Grammy-winning Latina artist made her debut WhatsApp Channels in time for her highly anticipated appearance at the Latin Grammys. In her inaugural post, the Barranquillera welcomes fans onto her channel and offers an exclusive sneak peek into her upcoming Latin Grammys performance. A video message directly from Shakira accompanies the announcement. 

“I’m the queen of WhatsApp group chats among my friends,” Shakira shares. “Now, I get to connect with fans directly through my channel, and I’m excited to share a little bit of everything there.” 

Her joining WhatsApp Channels is a chance for fans to experience a more intimate connection and gain exclusive insights into her musical journey. 

Moreover, Shakira isn’t alone in embracing this new platform. Other notable artists like Sebastian Yatra, Carin León, and Anitta are also utilizing WhatsApp Channels to offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into their preparations for the Latin Grammys. This tech-savvy move underlines the growing trend among artists to forge direct connections with their fan base, providing an inside look at their lives and creative processes. Bad Bunny has had no qualms about getting intimate with his fans, for instance. He’s constantly en el bochinche in his channels, which is humorous at the very least. 

Will WhatsApp Channels Explode with Shakira’s Entrance?

WhatsApp Channels recently hit a major milestone, surpassing 500 million users, solidifying its status as a preferred platform for intimate and exclusive updates from artists, influencers, and organizations. 

Channels represent a distinct space on WhatsApp, separate from private chats. The key advantage lies in its privacy — who you follow on Channels is concealed from other followers, ensuring a more personalized and private interaction. 

As fans gear up for the Latin Grammys and beyond, WhatsApp Channels promises an exciting avenue for direct, exclusive, and private interactions between artists like Shakira and their devoted fan bases.  

Will you be joining Shakira’s channel? 

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