Karol G Makes History at the Latin Grammys 2023

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Credit: Screenshot from Instagram/ @karolg

Karol G illuminated the 2023 Latin Grammys, securing her place in music history by achieving groundbreaking milestones. Her album “Mañana Será Bonito” not only garnered two prestigious awards— “mejor álbum de música urbana” (best urban music album) and “mejor álbum del año”(best album of the year) —but also marked a significant leap forward for women in Latin music. 

This triumph adds to Karol G’s exceptional year, where she has amassed an impressive collection of awards. With a staggering 14 additional accolades in 2023, including Billboard’s Top Latin Album Female Artist, Spirit of Hope Award, Artist of the Year, and Tour of the Year, among others, Karol G’s dominance in the music industry stands unparalleled.  

Real Recognizes Real

Her stellar night at the Latin Grammys wasn’t solely about personal victories. Karol G took center stage to present Laura Pausini with the prestigious Person of the Year Award. Pausini, an artist who, despite being born in Italy, has paid homage to Latin music through her profound connection to the Spanish language. She’s only the third female artist, following Gloria Estefan and Shakira, to receive this esteemed honor from the Latin Recording Academy. 

Karol G’s admiration for Pausini was palpable, as she crafted a heartfelt speech specifically for the revered singer, expressing her deep admiration and respect. 

 “Laura, over the years you have demonstrated unmatched talent,” La Bichota said in her handwritten speech in Spanish. “Your lyrics have transmitted messages of love, nostalgia, life, powerful messages that have left indelible marks in the world of music and in the hearts of many of us here. Your career has been extraordinary and your influence will last over time. And it must feel incredible as a woman to have a career as legendary and memorable as yours. We thank you for giving us your talent, for giving us life with your music.” 

According to Billboard, Pausini responded by expressing how she feels that Latinos are her family. And, to her point, we are. If you don’t love Laura Pausini, then you can’t sit with us.  

Karol G Killed It at the 2023 Latin Grammys

Karol G’s monumental wins at the Latin Grammys 2023 further solidifies her position as a trailblazing Latina. There is so much significance in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in Latin music – and Karol G is making sure we feel its impact. Watching her journey of success throughout the year marks her as a Latina icon, one that will live on in history.  

I suppose it’s Bichota Season after all.  

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