Sofia Jirau Becomes Victoria’s Secret First Model with Down Syndrome

Photo courtesy of BELatina
Photo courtesy of BELatina

It is no secret that Victoria’s Secret habitual business model didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore — at least not for its new consumers. From their portrayal of unrealistic body expectations to their short ranges of bra sizes, people were not particularly happy with them.

However, it seems like they are listening and taking note of how much representation matters to the rising generations.

Victoria’s Secret now features more diversity throughout its brand. Their models are no longer carbon copies (or attempts of) anymore. What’s displayed is varying body types and sizes, which promote healthier body expectations. Not only that, they just announced one of their new models, Sofia Jirau.

Sofia Jirau is Pushing the Envelope

Jirau is a Puerto Rican woman with Down Syndrome and she’s always had grand dreams. In fact, thanks to those dreams, she just became Victoria’s Secret first model with Down Syndrome.

Beyond her beauty, her brilliance continues to show the world her impeccable strength. On top of that, she is quickly becoming an inspiration to others with Down Syndrome.

What’s Next?

Her story is yet to reach its end and we are looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for the world. As for now, we must support her as much as we can. After all, our community shines through our numbers, so let’s show up for her!

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