The Spider-Verse Soundtrack Shines Bright Thanks to Latino Stars Becky G, Mora, and Myke Towers

The Spider-verse Soundtrack Shines Bright Thanks to Latino Stars Becky G, Mora, and Myke Towers
Credit: Dogs Can Fly Content Co., CC BY 3.0 (Becky G), Anaka447, CC BY-SA 4.0 (Mike Towers), Instagram/@mora

The Spider-Verse franchise has taken the world by storm with its unique blend of animation, storytelling, and iconic characters. But one aspect that truly sets it apart is the electrifying soundtrack that accompanies the web-slinging adventures. In the latest release, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Deluxe Edition Soundtrack,” GRAMMY® Award-nominated diamond-certified superstar producer Metro Boomin adds to his already star-studded release. Executive produced by Metro Boomin himself, this soundtrack features a diverse range of talented artists who bring their unique styles and flavors to the Spider-Verse. Among them, Latino stars Becky G, Mora, and Myke Towers stand out with their remarkable contributions, adding a vibrant Latin flavor to the Spider-Verse.  

Becky G Is Getting the Recognition She Deserves

With her undeniable talent and infectious energy, Becky G has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her unique blend of pop, reggaeton, and Latin influences has captivated audiences worldwide, and her inclusion in the Spider-Verse soundtrack is a testament to her rising stardom. Becky G is featured on “Take it to the Top” and we are so excited about it. 

Mora, the Rising Star

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Mora has been making waves in the Latin music scene with his distinctive style and smooth vocals. His track, “Ansiedades,” featured in the Spider-Verse soundtrack, adds a touch of urban flair to the mix. As a rising star in the industry, Mora’s collaboration with the Spider-Verse franchise further solidifies his position as one to watch.  

Myke Towers, The Versatile Hitmaker

Known for his versatility and powerful delivery, Myke Towers has become a household name in the Latin music scene. His track, “Infamous,” showcases his exceptional lyrical skills and dynamic flow. Myke Towers’ ability to seamlessly blend Latin trap with elements of reggaeton and hip-hop has made him a favorite among fans of all genres. With his magnetic presence, Myke Towers adds an extra layer of intensity to the Spider-Verse soundtrack. 

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