Spooky Celebrations Extend to Halloweekend: The Latino Community Unleash Their Creativity for Halloween

Spooky Celebrations Extend to Halloweekend: The Latino Community Unleash Their Creativity for Halloween
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In a year that already felt like it was straight out of a horror movie, Halloween enthusiasts decided to extend the spooky season. With Halloween falling on a Tuesday, creative minds took matters into their own hands, transforming October into several days of celebration. Enter “Halloweek,” a phenomenon that saw Halloween aficionados embracing their favorite holiday in a way that didn’t clash with the demands of the workweek or other responsibilities. And as the weekend approached, it was officially dubbed “Halloweekend” — because why limit the fun? 

This Halloweekend, the cosmos seemed to align with the spooky festivities, adding an extra layer of mystique. Astrology enthusiasts were in for a treat as the 28th brought a Full Moon, setting the stage for a Lunar Eclipse. The energy was palpable, and spirits (both earthly and otherworldly) were high.  

But this didn’t deter many people from facing the force of the Astros. A lot of people were out in the streets sharing this eventful holiday. In fact, one can say that the Latino community took the celebration to a whole new level.  

Latino Halloween enthusiasts went above and beyond, showcasing their creativity. From the eerie elegance of “la monja en la feria” (the carnival nun) to costumes inspired by the legendary Rocio Durcal, the Halloween fashion game was strong this year. People were not playing around with their costumes – and we loved it! 

With that said, let’s take a look at some of our favorite costumes this Halloween! 


My time of the year 🧟‍♂️

♬ original sound – minionvlogs123official


El mejor outfit de la bizarra #bariloche #brc #bizarra #disfraz #egresados #travel #cucaracha

♬ La Cucaracha – Nora Galit


El vaso es parte del disfraz🥶

♬ PRC – Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano


@Feid @Bad Bunny los amamos #fyp #badbunny #feid #ferxxo #benito #lclm💚

♬ sonido original – VARIADA MUSIC TOP


Mi disfraz para Halloween #halloween 🐈🌧️🎃

♬ sonido original – Moises Cruz Ruiz


Xalapa Mágica😏 Botargas del Dr. Simi presentes en el desfile de catrinas💀🕯🏵 . . . #xalapa #xalapaveracruz #xalapaveracruzmexico🇲🇽 #Xalapa #desfile #desfilediademuertos #simi #drsimi #simibailando #veracruz #veracruzmexico #diademuertos #xalapayork #xalapamagico 📷 Créditos Horacio Aguilar Buvandel

♬ La Monja – Nenyx Pereira


Like its a possibility #abuelasdetiktok #relatable #comadre #parati #comadre #desmadre #abuela #chistes #humor

♬ sonido original – Bad Gyal


All to win second place at the costume contest 💀 #lamonjadelaferia #lamonja #lasmonjitasdedurango #lasmonjas #lamonja2 #lamonjita #lamonjamakeup #feriadedurango

♬ sonido original – Sebastian Roldan

Creativity Takes Center Stage This Halloweekend

The creativity displayed by Latinos during Halloweekend was nothing short of inspiring. Now, as October bids adieu, the echoes of Halloweekend’s festivities linger in the memories of those who embraced the spooky spirit. The Latino community once again proved its knack for turning any celebration into a complete vibe, infusing Halloween with their unique cultural flair. 

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