Spotify Got It Right with Young Miko Last Year: This Year Bellakath and Xavi Are on Its 2024 Artists to Watch  

Spotify Got It Right with Young Miko Last Year: This Year Bellakath and Xavi Are on Its 2024 Artists to Watch  
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As we step into the musical canvas of 2024, Spotify’s annual ritual of unveiling the next wave of breakout artists is here, and this year promises to be an even more diverse and genre-spanning experience.  

Spotify has curated a list of promising talents poised to make some noise on the global music scene in 2024. 

2024 Visionaries on Viva Latino Playlist:

Spotify’s selection process involves a meticulous blend of streaming data analysis and insights from their North American music team and playlist brand editors, particularly the influential Viva Latino playlist, which has been at the forefront of shaping Latin music trends. 

Latin Beats that Echoed in Spotify Last Year

Taking a stroll down the memory lane of 2023, Spotify’s Artists to Watch campaign proved its mettle with a selection of artists who not only garnered attention but also exploded onto the international stage. 

  • Emilia 
  • Ivan Cornejo 
  • Chris Lebron 
  • Kevin Kaarl 
  • Paopao 
  • Villano Antillano 
  • Young Miko 
  • 3AM 
  • Fuerza Regida 

Though all the artists they recognized at the beginning of 2023 did great things, there’s no denying that Young Miko, Villano Antillano, and Fuerza Regida came in with a bang last year.  

For starters, Puerto Rico’s Villano Antillano, the ever-talented queer artist, had us bopping to their Bizzarap session all year long. Not only that but they were also selected as an ambassador for RADAR US. Fuerza Regida on the other hand, had us deep in our feelings. This trailblazing group of Mexican regional music even collaborated with the one and only Colombian queen, Shakira, last year – and it was epic.  

As for Young Miko, she created a flock of “miko-sexuals” as she captivated a fanbase that went crazy for her sexually charged, queer-positive, catchy tunes. From “Lisa” to “Riri,” her dominance in the urban Latin music space will not end anytime soon.  

Spotify’s knack for identifying trends and elevating emerging artists to stardom makes their annual Artists to Watch campaign a compass for navigating the ever-evolving musical landscape.  

Sure, there are a few artists that have been making strides on their own. For instance, Bellakath’s “Gatita” went viral on TikTok last year (though she went viral for other reasons later in the year as well) and Xavi has been among the recommended artists in any corrido tumbado playlist. Nevertheless, the quest for success for all the artists on this list is still fresh – let’s see who stands out this year.  

So, keep those ears tuned; the next musical revolution might just be a play button away. 

Do you vibe with any of this year’s Spotify’s Artists to Watch already? 

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