Silicon Valley Job Posting Goes Viral and We Think It Is Ridiculous AF

Valerie fredrickson Partners CEO Silicon Valley Mom

When Beyoncé asks “Who run the world?” we all yell “Girls!” When Beyoncé says that “We’re smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business,” we embrace it. But when we see a CEO mom from Silicon Valley pretty much asking a nanny to replace her duties as a mom in a ridiculous job listing we can only shake our heads. 

In the last few hours, a job posting from a resident of Menlo Park, California, requesting a “Household Manager,” a “Cook” and a “Nanny” has been going viral on Twitter for being extremely detailed and demanding. The listing that appears on Google’s job search platform, specify all the requirements the applicants need to meet in order to be hired as “a long-term (at least five years) member of the household.” 

Besides being an athlete, organic food connoisseur, teacher, accountant, and property manager, the nanny needs to be a “gardener” and “handyman,” plus meet the family “allergy requirements, run errands, plan vacations, camps and after school activities, and spending time with the kids.” In addition, the person needs to be “intelligent, well educated,” and most importantly “correctly quantify how much fish to purchase for five people.” 

If you or someone you know would be thrilled to have this once in a lifetime career we suggest you to think it twice. In the meantime enjoy all the Twitter reactions:





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