Sylvia Villagran Becomes the First Latina In-Show Announcer for the Oscars

Sylvia Villagran Becomes the First Latina In-Show Announcer for the Oscars
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There is show much that always goes on behind the scenes of an award show and some of it can be historic.  

From the camera crew to the people decorating the space, there’s an intricate system in place to give thousands of households and live audiences the quality they expect from an award show. Though we are often fixating on who will host an award show or who will be present, it is also important to pay attention to the voice we hear throughout an entire event: the in-show announcer.  

In the most recent award show – the Oscars – Sylvia Villagran was tasked with being the in-show announcer. It was her voice you heard announcing the winners. For many, however, her voice may have already sounded familiar as it has graced everything from game shows to commercials.  

Born in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles, this first-generation Mexican American voice actress made history at the 95th Oscars. She became the Academy Award’s first Latina in-show announcer.  

“Representing for Latinos, it’s a huge, huge thing,” Villagran told ABC7 in a recent interview. “When I first started, there was nobody. There were no Latinos doing what I do. So this a really wonderful thing for me and also for my family.” 

Sylvia Villagran is known for breaking glass ceilings

Villagran is a two-time Voice Arts Award® winner. Currently, she is also heard voicing different programming for NBC, CBS, TCM, the CW, and the Disney Channel. 

During her interview with ABC7, she disclosed she’d also reached EGOT status. This is a beautiful accomplishment for Villagran and for the entire Latine community. 

“I am an announcer EGOT-ina,” she told the aforementioned publication. “I haven’t won them, but yes I’ve announced them. What an honor, right? I’m pinching myself. Everything that I’ve always dreamt of doing, all the hard work, has paid off.” 

We can expect that this isn’t the last time we’ve heard Villagran’s voice.  

Will you be looking forward to hearing her voice in upcoming live events? We know we will.  

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