Riverside Teacher’s Tone-Deaf Lesson Mocking Indigenous People is in Question

Photo courtesy of Belatina.com latinx, belatina Riverside Teacher
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com

It’s 2021 and some people are still disrespecting cultures without any care in the world.

A Riverside teacher from John W. North High School in Riverside, California reminded us that having no regard for other people’s cultures continues to be an issue.

As reported by Michael on his Tik Tok account, the Riverside teacher in question decided it was somehow a bright idea to show up to class wearing a headdress with what appeared to be fake feathers (a blatant disrespect to the Indigenous community.) She then proceeded to jump around as though she were “war whooping and Tomahawk chopping” around her classroom. She did this in the presence of a student who is Indigenous.


How can anyone be this tone deaf?

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The student only started recording when because they felt that the teacher’s actions were directed at them.

You would think by now everyone would’ve learned how to be respectful of other cultures, including the Indigenous culture.

Michael and others are suggesting to contact the school’s principal to report this atrocious behavior. One thing is for sure: That teacher’s “lesson” was, in no way, educational or useful to children or anyone for that matter.


More footage from the teacher’s lesson, which has now been identified as Candace Reed, surfaced. It isn’t any better. Apparently, this lesson is part of her geometry class curriculum and that’s mind-boggling on its own (as well as it is still unacceptable.)


Riverside, CA Teacher mocks indigenous culture

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According to Danesh, she’s been doing this for years. And she’s been getting away with it.

However, the school has recently released a statement regarding the situation. Stay tuned to see what else happens.

This is a developing story.

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