Thalía and Pabllo Vittar Join Forces in a New Powerful Video

Thalía Pabllo Vittar Duo BELatina

With the economic and social growth of Latinos in the United States, the cultural crossover in the music industry seems to have room for everyone. And there are those who have come back to claim their rightful place.

One of them has been the Queen of Latin Pop, Thalía.

Long before Shakira and JLo, the Mexican singer and actress was already considered one of the most influential personalities in the world, and an ambassador of Latin culture on every continent.

With more than 25 million albums sold and a career spanning three decades, Thalía positioned Latin American music on the charts long before the genre conquered the streaming industry, and was also the best-paid actress in history, according to Televisa.

Now, with a magnificent collaboration, the Queen of Latin Pop is back in the ring.

Joining the famous Brazilian drag queen, singer, and songwriter Pabllo Vittar, Thalía performs “Tímida,” Vittar’s latest single that mixes Latin rhythms in a female power duo.

“Tímida” is part of Vittar’s new project, which seeks to expand her repertoire — and therefore her audience — and has materialized in her album 111, a proposal “that transcends language in Latin America and beyond,” according to Forbes.

The video, directed by Gustavo Camacho, is an ode to Latin femininity and gestures, with lyrics typical of the genre and a super production with “dozens of cameras,” explained Rolling Stone.

“It is an honor for me to have [Thalía] in my album,” says Vittar in a press release. “She is a true queen who participates in the entire work process. I look forward to seeing people dancing and expressing themselves through our music. Adds Thalía, “Pabllo has charisma, talent, she is skillful, a real pop diva. We had so much fun working together… I am sure it will inspire many women to feel sexy and empowered”.

Having made a name for herself in the industry with her 2015 video “Open Bar” — a Portuguese version of Major Lazer’s song “Lean On” — Vittar has become an icon of Latin American music in Portuguese, a cultural niche that is rarely spoken of on the big charts but with a powerful tradition and audience.

Likewise, and in the midst of a political circumstance that threatens the rights of diverse communities in her native country, Brazil, Vittar has become a spokesperson for LGBTQ+ rights, working hand in hand with artists like Anitta and Fergie to support the visibility of this community.

“I love making pop music because for a couple of minutes, you can forget about everything and just enjoy yourself. That is music and drag for me,” Vittar told Rolling Stone in 2019. “The stage is sacred for me; it’s a shield that protects me. It’s where I can be free from any prejudice and violence.”

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