The Power of the Latinx Community Was Present at the Raizado Festival

The Power of the Latinx Community was Present at the Raizado Festival belatina latine

Today is Raizado Festival’s last day. It took place in Aspen. However, its importance will be immortalized as it further uplifts our community. 

The Latinx House was launched at the Sundance Festival in 2020 and it continues to stay true to its ethos. Their overall effort is to ensure that truthful awareness and more positive stories are told about the Latinx community across political and cultural sectors. Through this, human dignity will finally be provided to Latinx people in America.

About Raizado

This festival mobilizes members of the Latinx community by highlighting changemakers, thought leaders, and innovators. The purpose of bringing together such a well-rounded group of people is to give them the opportunity to share how they create solutions, authentic content, and jobs across industries. 

At Raizado, a word that means “deeply rooted,” its guests are reminded of the amazing contributions of the Latinx community and how their roots help uplift. 

Raizado held various events. They had book readings, panel discussions, and even performances. 

“The Latinx community convening to share our stories, power, and leadership has the potential to transform the way that people across our nation think about and, most importantly, treat our community. It is critical that we work together to uplift the many contributions and the potential of the Latinx community for the good of our community and the entire nation,” said Mónica Ramírez, organizer, activist, and co-founder of The Latinx House.

The hope is to inspire other members of the Latinx community who may be dealing (most likely) with issues seemingly blocking them. 

The Latinx House presented their new – and official – Local Host Committee and a National Advisory Board to celebrate the power of the community. Each member is a respected leader in the Latinx community.

The Host and Advisory Committee members come from different industries. From media to philanthropy, they are all equipped to provide knowledge and inspiration to others in the community. 

The National Advisory Board Members include Ana Marie Argilagos, Hispanics in Philanthropy; Hector Mujica,; Karla Souza, Actor; Antonio Tijerino, Hispanic Heritage Foundation; Jeronimo Escudero, P&G; Kate del Castillo, Actor; Carmen Rojas, Marguerite Casey Foundation; Hector Sanchez Barba, Mi Familia Vota; Marco A. Davis, CHCI; Emma Carrasco, NBCUniversal; Jose Garcia, Ford Foundation; Monique Manso, Media Executive; and Wagner Maura, Actor.

“I am proud to represent the creative community to lift up Latinx people across the US,” said Actor, Wagner Maura, in a press statement.  “There are many stories that are still untold. Raizado Fest is an important step toward creating a more complete narrative for the Latinx community.”

Meanwhile, members of the Host Committee include Alex Sánchez, Voces Unidas; Patrick Davila, General Manager, Hotel Jerome; Mayor Torre, Mayor of Aspen; Blanca O’Leary, Community Leader; Rosemary Rodriguez, Community Leader; Jodeen, Olguín-Tayler, Board President, Chicana Empowerment, and Climate Justice Fund; Margaret Medellin, Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure; Rick Palacio, Community Leader; and Aurea Bolaños Perea, who is the Strategic Communications Director, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR).

At this year’s Raizado: The Latinx House Festival, our community shined and left its mark on future generations. 

Nevertheless, this is just the beginning. We have to continue to advocate and support these types of events to grow together. 

Were you able to make it this year? 

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