This Is How Mexican Cinema Is Being Celebrated in California Right Now

This Is How Mexican Cinema Is Being Celebrated in California Right Now belatina latine
Credit: Instagram @see_it_on_16mm

Your hobbies thrive when they come from the heart – mainly when they’re rooted in passion. 

A recent testament of this is Michael Aguirre and Armando Hernandez’s niche collection of vintage Mexican movie memorabilia and films. You can catch this collection at The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California from September 2.

A tribute to Mexican cinema 

The free “La Venganza y Mas Recuerdos Del Cine Mexicano” exhibit was curated by the “trashy, cult, and forgotten Mexican movies” collector Hernandez and Aguirre to bring the nostalgic film experience to life. The collection features old Mexican movie posters, lobby cards, and smaller editions of posters, per the OC Register

Hernandez’s website describes it as “100 percent originals. No reproductions. All from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s & 1990s and of all genres.”

On its final day, the theater will show the 1989 Mexican horror film, “Ladrones de Tumbas,” at 8 p.m. (A beautiful depiction of Mexican cinema.)

Hernandez previously expressed the joy of not only collecting these items but also writing about them. 

“Once I started writing about them, more and more people were messaging me, saying how they remembered the movies. Sometimes, even the family of people in the movie (wrote in.)”

On the other hand, Aguirre collects old film equipment and films to help preserve the 16mm nostalgic film format. This serves as the perfect antique touch to the exhibit. “It’s bringing a part of Santa Ana history to a new generation that didn’t grow up with theaters playing these movies,” he told the OC Register. Though the featured film “Ladrones de Tumbas” is presented in a digitally restored format, he usually exhibits movies on OG film.

Other movies that Aguirre will showcase in the near future include “Night of the Living Dead” on 16 mm film in various cities. 

These cities include Beverly Hills, CA on October 14; Santa Ana, CA on October 20; San Diego, CA on October 21; and Long Beach, CA on October 28.

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